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First-place essay—revolution: Surgical training: Time for a revolution

Competency should be measured not by demonstrating recall of management algorithms, argues the author of this essay, but rather by the ability to adapt to evolving recommended practices and technology.

Vascular practice develops night float call system to improve attending well-being without decreasing productivity

Work-hour restrictions and how they are applied to residents versus attendings are described in this article. The authors describe how they implemented a rotating call system to help ensure the attending surgeons’ elective schedules were clear after being on night call.

Hold the onions: Training in an era of heightened diversity and expectations

In his introduction to the RAS-ACS–themed issue, which centers on the evolving demands in resident training, Brian J. Santin, MD, Chair of RAS-ACS, compares the recent dramatic changes in surgical practice and training to the increased diversity in culinary techniques, and provides an overview of the changes that occurred in graduate medical education over the last 20 years, including the implementation of work-hour restrictions and a focus on the delivery of patient-centered, coordinated care.

The role of politics in shaping surgical training

Political and socioeconomic factors have affected surgical education over the last several decades, and, in particular, government funding has had a significant impact on graduate medical education programs. This article addresses how surgical training has responded to external pressures, including surgical workforce shortages and resident work-hour restrictions, and considers the issue of patient consent as it relates to the role of surgical trainees.

Improved communication techniques enable residents to provide better care now and in the future

Underscoring the role of effective communication in delivering high-quality patient-centered care, this article describes how certain tools, including checklists and the development of multidisciplinary teams, can be used to improve the dissemination of key information.


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