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Presidential Address: #SurgeonsSowingHope: Enhanced postoperative recovery and elevated healing

Julie A. Freischlag, MD, FACS, FRCSEd(Hon), DFSVS, identified lessons learned from enhanced postoperative recovery and how this approach may be applied to challenges raised by the pandemic in her Presidential Address at Clinical Congress 2021.

Julie A. Freischlag MD, FACS, FRCSEd(Hon), DFSVS, installed as President of the ACS

Julie A. Freischlag MD, FACS, FRCSEd(Hon), DFSVS, was installed as the 2021-2022 ACS President, and Quan-Yang Duh, MD, FACS, and Richard A. Lynn, MD, FACS,RPVI, were installed as First and Second Vice-President, respectively, at Virtual Clinical Congress 2021.

Patricia L. Turner, MD, MBA, FACS, named new ACS Executive Director

Patricia L. Turner, MD, MBA, FACS, began her new role as ACS Executive Director-Elect October 1, and she will formally assume the role of Executive Director on January 1, 2022.

David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking forward – October 2021

Dr. Hoyt outlines the professional accomplishments and leadership experience of Patricia L. Turner, MD, MBA, FACS, who will assume the role of Executive Director-Elect later this month.

Trauma surgeon Dr. M. Margaret Knudson to be honored for inspiring women in surgery

Margaret “Peggy” Knudson, MD, FACS, San Francisco, CA, will receive the 2021 ACS Dr. Mary Edwards Walker Inspiring Women in Surgery Award at the Clinical Congress 2021 virtual Convocation.

Profiles in ACS leadership: A few questions for Beth Sutton, MD, FACS

This profile provides a look into the professional accomplishments and personal interests of Beth Sutton, MD, FACS, Immediate Past-Chair of the ACS Board of Regents.


Surgeon and reproductive scientist Patricia Kilroy Donahoe, MD, FACS, receives 2021 Jacobson Innovation Award

Dr. Donahoe received the ACS 2021 Jacobson Innovation Award in June for her outstanding work in the areas of reproductive developmental biology and oncology.

Profiles of 2020 ACS-COSECSA Woman Scholars: Part II

Profiles the 2020 ACS-COSECSA Women Scholars.

ACS Regent Dr. Diana Farmer elected President-Elect of American Surgical Association

Diana L. Farmer, MD, FACS, FRCS, an internationally renowned pediatric and fetal surgeon and an ACS Regent, was elected President-Elect of the American Surgical Association.

Profiles of 2020 ACS-COSECSA Women Scholars: Part I

Profiles the 2020 ACS-COSECSA Women Scholars.

Susan Dimock, MD, pioneering American physician

HIGHLIGHTS Outlines the academic and professional accomplishments of Dr. Dimock, one of the first U.S. women surgeons Identifies key mentors who influenced and inspired Dr. Dimock Describes the enduring significance of a neck tumor operation performed by Dr. Dimock in 1873 Editor’s note: This study originated in research conducted by Susan Wilson for her work-in-progress, […]

Olga M. Jonasson, MD, Lecture: Never let a good crisis go to waste: Continuous professional development and COVID-19

Editor’s note: The following is an edited version of the Olga M. Jonasson, MD, Lecture that Dr. Greenberg delivered at the virtual Clinical Congress 2020. The presentation has been modified to conform with Bulletin style and space limitations. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Women in […]

AWS Foundation honors 2020 award recipients

The Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) Foundation honored several surgeons and trainees who are supportive of the AWS mission to inspire, encourage, and enable women surgeons to meet their professional and personal goals at its Virtual Awards Ceremony December 6, 2020. Nina Starr Braunwald Award The 2020 Nina Starr Braunwald Award, which recognizes a lifetime […]

ACS Resident and Associate Society: Diversity, equity, and inclusion in surgical patient care

The theme for this year’s RAS-ACS issue is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Surgery.

Introduction: Diversity, equity, and inclusion: The House of Surgery needs work

This introduction to the annual RAS-ACS issue provides an overview of the benefits and challenges associated with developing processes and policies that support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Leveling the playing field for surgical patients

Describes how the College can play a leadership role in reducing surgical care inequities to surgical care and identifies how the RAS-ACS Fellows are uniquely positioned to advocate for health care parity for underserved populations.

Glass ceilings and sticky floors: Examining diversity and inclusion in the surgical workforce

Identifies historical milestones in achieving a level of diversity in health care and summarizes areas requiring additional work, specifically the attitudes regarding gender equity and sexual orientation in the surgical workforce.

Mirror, mirror: How current societal issues reflect changes arising in surgery

HIGHLIGHTS Compares the challenges facing LGBTQ+ individuals, minorities, and women in surgery with emerging societal issues Describes lessons learned in other industries that could be used to improve diversity and equity in the surgical workforce Highlights the importance of intersectionality At one time, # meant “number” or was called the pound sign. Since the advent […]

Shoring up the pipeline: Increasing diversity in surgery by enhancing equity and inclusion in the surgical learning environment

HIGHLIGHTS Describes the importance of increasing diversity in surgery at the key phases of surgical training: recruitment, retention, and promotion Identifies how mentorship and sponsorship enhance equitable recruitment of surgeons Explores how policies that address both traditional and nontraditional family structures increase surgeon diversity and retention Summarizes how diverse role models help maintain an inclusive […]

Increasing membership diversity in surgical societies through intentional inclusion

HIGHLIGHTS Describes disparities facing URiMs in surgery and outlines solutions to increase diversity within surgical societies Summarizes how fostering inclusion in the surgical profession is important for both moral and practical reasons, including improved access to care and enhanced patient-provider communication Outlines how professional societies with inclusive policies demonstrate increases in recruitment and retention of […]


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