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Expressing value in health care

Describes the role of value-based health care in providing results that align with patients’ goals and expectations and summarizes strategies for expressing value in a more meaningful way to different types of stakeholders.


The why, what, where, and how of value-based contracts

Value-based contracts and their role in health care, namely, to control costs and support the provision of high-value health care goods and services, are described.


Today’s surgeon compensation models fall short: Aligning incentives to create more equitable and value-based compensation models

HIGHLIGHTS Summarizes the evolution of physician reimbursement models and the transition to value-based care Describes the continuum of surgeon compensation, ranging from fixed pay to exclusively volume-based plans Outlines how nonclinical activities create value for current and future patients Describes a better compensation model, one that incorporates value creation as a guiding principle Identifies the […]

Price and cost: Both are important to achieve value-based care

HIGHLIGHTS Explains the difference between price and cost Describes methods for measuring both variables Underscores their importance in value-based payment model design Highlights ACS THRIVE Insurers increasingly tell surgeons that they need to reduce costs as health care grows unaffordable for a growing proportion of Americans. Similarly, hospital administrators frequently challenge surgeons to reduce their costs, […]

David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking forward – October 2019

The College’s role in ACS THRIVE, a collaborative effort to enhance value-based health care, is the focus of this month’s column.

Dr. Ko

2019 ACS Quality and Safety Conference focuses on putting the patient first, value-based care

This article summarizes the topics and issues presented at the 2019 Quality and Safety Conference in Washington, DC.


Putting the needle before the knife: Minimally invasive approaches to diagnostic lymph node biopsy in melanoma

Minimally invasive approaches to diagnostic lymph node biopsy in melanoma are recommended as a first step in value-based care for the patient.

David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking forward – March 2019

The importance of a value-based system of care is the focus of this month’s column—not only reduce health care spending but to improve patient outcomes


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