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Letters to the Editor

A retiring surgeon offers his perspectives on the challenges and benefits of the surgical profession.

Dr. Dunn

Patient loss: Surgeons describe how they cope

Strategies for coping with the difficulty of patient loss are provided in this article along with advice for individuals considering careers in surgery.

The 2014 RAS-ACS annual essay contest: When I want to quit and why I don’t

Each year, the Communications Committee of the RAS-ACS selects a topic of broad interest to young surgeons and solicits from interested members brief essays on the subject. This year’s theme—When I Want to Quit and Why I Don’t—highlights the benefits and challenges of being a surgeon.

The patient’s wound I carry with me

This essay underscores the lasting effect  an  individual patient—in this case a surgical amputee—can have on surgical residents.

Why we stay: For the patients yet to come

Keeping an inventory of the positives and negatives of a general surgery residency inspires this surgeon to pursue her chosen field.


Personal and professional struggles solidify a resident’s determination to persevere and complete the program.

A chosen path

Overcoming emotional adversity, specifically a spouse’s illness, prepares this surgeon to understand the emotional challenges that her patients face.


This essay reveals the power of gratitude and its effect on surgical residents.


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