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David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking forward – October 2018

In this month’s column, Dr. Hoyt highlights the College’s commitment to be responsive to the concerns of all surgeons, regardless of where they practice or their specialty.

Surgeons well-positioned to champion high reliability

The importance of high-reliability care, led by surgeon champions with a patient-centered approach to care, is summarized.

Excellence in surgery: Becoming the “best” you can be

Excellence in surgery: Becoming the “best” you can be

The traits of outstanding surgeons are described, as is the role of mentorship and open communication, both of which support achieving excellence in surgery.

What does it take to be a surgeon leader? The CMO and beyond

What does it take to be a surgeon leader? The CMO and beyond

The evolving nature of the CMO and other surgeon leadership roles are summarized, as are alternate pathways for participating in health care system administration.

Reframing Surgical Leadership

Reframing surgical leadership in 2017: Surgeon-scientist or surgeon-advocate?

The subject of this article—the benefits and challenges associated with the surgeon-scientist and the surgeon-advocate roles—will be debated at this year’s RAS-ACS Symposium at Clinical Congress 2017 in San Diego, CA.

Leading without a title

Strategies for leadership development and physician engagement are summarized in this article, including three key traits of effective leaders: conviction, communication, and collaboration.

Dr. Ellner with the award

Dr. Ellner receives inaugural Roger Schenke Award from AAPL

The American Association for Physician Leadership presented the inaugural Roger Schenke Award to Scott J. Ellner, DO, MPH, FACS, at its annual meeting April 18.

First YFA Essay Contest winner: The promise of a profession lies within us

The first YFA Essay Contest winner reveals his thoughts on overcoming the financial, legal, regulatory, and other challenges facing the surgical profession today.

Changing the surgical culture, one apple at a time

“In health care, the culture of intimidation is often perpetuated down the chain, as that same intimidated individual turns around and bullies a resident or medical student,” observes the author of this month’s column. Although the surgical profession has begun to address disruptive behavior over the past decade, there is still a demonstrated need for continued improvement at medical institutions throughout the country.

Dr. Turner

Surgical leadership across generations

Over the last decade, a transformation has occurred in surgery. With rapid technological advances, changes in reimbursement, and modifications to resident training programs, strong leadership is needed to ensure future success.

Leadership conference focuses on outcomes data and surgeon engagement

Members of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) from across the nation and across the surgical specialties converged on Washington, DC, March 25–March 26, for the 2012 Leadership Conference. “Surgical leadership for quality and safety” was the theme of this year’s conference, which featured separate, concurrent sessions for young surgeons, residents, chapter leaders, and chapter […]

Physician leadership and the future of surgical practice

The practice environment for current and future surgeons is changing dramatically. Among the most prominent changes is a shift from independent private practices to large, integrated health care organizations, in which surgeons practice as employees. Whereas some surgeons see new opportunities in this integrated model, others fear it will lead to a loss of autonomy […]

Leadership Skills in the OR, Part I: Communication helps surgeons avoid pitfalls

Although most surgeons recognize good leaders and appreciate the importance of leadership, knowing how to develop leadership skills may be less clear.


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