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Onboarding for surgeons: Preparation for practice

The revised Onboarding Checklist to help guide the assimilation of new surgeons into a group or surgery department is summarized.

ACS Surgeon Workforce Subcommittee develops Onboarding Checklist for Surgeons

The Onboarding Checklist for Surgeons—a summary of action items for consideration by a new surgeon and the partner, group, or hospital employer—is the focus of this month’s column.

The ACS Surgery Career Connection and Coding Hotline

An overview of the ACS Surgery Career Connection and the ACS Coding Hotline is provided.

One surgeon’s principles

The author of this month’s column shares his 10 principles for the provision of care—words of wisdom culled from nearly 50 years as a surgeon.

Surgeons as employees: Is the lining always golden?

The allure of hospital employment and the financial incentives for hospitals to recruit physicians as employees are covered in this column.

Medicine still a noble calling, despite outside interference

In this month’s column, the author explains why he considers surgical practice an enduring and worthy profession.

Is medicine still a good profession? Reflections of a retired surgeon

This column is intended to provide an opportunity for surgeons at every stage of their career to discuss their concerns regarding the practice and profession of surgery. The inaugural column offers the perspective of a retired surgeon with regard to whether surgeons should encourage young people to pursue a career in medicine and the importance of mentorship.


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