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Your ACS benefits: We have the tools for you to become an effective surgeon-advocate

ACS advocacy resources, including SurgeonsVoice, which are intended to help facilitate engagement in health policy-related initiatives are summarized.

Medicare physician payment and effective grassroots advocacy: A case study

Outlines how grassroots activity can motivate decision-makers to act on surgery’s behalf and underscores the importance of maintaining momentum in the 117th Congress.

You are your own best advocate: A how-to guide

Strategies for enhancing the role of surgeons in health policy advocacy are highlighted.

Federal Legislative Priorities

Using advocacy to advance ACS policy priorities for surgeons and their patients

Describes how a bill becomes a law, the four congressional committees that have jurisdiction over most health care legislation, and how ACS DAHP tracks relevant legislation.

Get out the vote: Make a difference on issues of critical concern to surgery

Candidates and incumbents supported by the ACS Professional Association’s political action committee are the focus of this article, which also summarizes the College’s pre-election education resources.

Applying advocacy skills: Gaining influence from the statehouse to Capitol Hill

Grassroots advocacy—with a focus on relationship building over the course of an elected official’s political career—is the focus of this article.

Surgeons as Advocates

Advocacy and grassroots: Leveraging local issues at the national level

The ACS Division of Advocacy and Health Policy has developed several platforms, including SurgeonsVoice, to empower members to advocate for health care policies that are in the best interest of surgeons and their patients.

Massachusetts Chapter develops new grassroots advocacy program

This article discusses the rationale behind the District Office Contact by Surgeons program and summarizes the benefits of this grassroots advocacy initiative.

ACS intervenes to resolve questions about the 96-hour rule

This month’s column provides an overview of the 96-hour rule and the ACS’ efforts to develop a legislative solution to repeal the law.

SurgeonsVoice: Your patients, your profession, your voice

An overview of SurgeonsVoice—the College’s nationwide, grassroots advocacy program—is featured in this article, including updates on how to use this tool to educate and influence members of Congress on issues of importance to surgery.

Campaign to end the SGR gains ground

This Web exclusive summarizes the College’s efforts to promote the enactment of the SGR Repeal Act, what the repeal would mean to surgeons, and provides steps for contacting legislators to voice support for the repeal.

Repealing the SGR

An update on the permanent repeal of the Medicare sustainable growth rate is the focus of this month’s column, including ACS efforts in developing a single bipartisan bill.


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