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David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking forward – April 2021

The last year has been mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting for health care professionals, particularly those individuals on the front lines of providing care to coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) patients and those who have had to postpone operations for patients needing nonurgent care. Add to that situation constant threats of payment cuts, hospital and private practice […]

Your ACS benefits: ACS program focuses on surgeon well-being

With 52 percent of surgeons reporting burnout, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) is committed to fostering well-being, resilience, and work-life integration for surgeons at every career stage. Through education, resources, tools, and advocacy, the ACS fosters and encourages surgeons’ health and well-being to ensure they have the physical and mental strength necessary to support […]

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

The following comments were received regarding recent articles published in the Bulletin.

Surgeon Wellness and Resilience

Nurturing wellness and fostering resilience during a surgical career: An introduction

This introduction to the annual RAS-ACS issue describes the benefits associated with developing wellness and resilience.

Surgeon Wellness and Resilience

The transformation of surgical education and its influence on resident wellness

The evolution of the surgical training model and its potential effect on resident wellness are identified, as are the benefits and challenges of maintaining work-life balance.

Surgeon Wellness and Resilience

Silence is deadly: The importance of communication in addressing wellness and burnout in surgical residency

Describes how positive modes of communication affect resident wellness and highlights potential barriers for physicians seeking help to overcome burnout and mental illness.

Surgeon Wellness and Resilience

A sense of belonging and community can mitigate physician burnout

The causes and effects of burnout are summarized as well as the benefits of joining professional societies to foster wellness and resilience.

Surgeon Wellness and Resilience

Training resilient surgeons: Where do we go from here?

Examines how the fields of aviation and education maintain successful approaches to building mental and emotional resilience and summarizes action items for developing a health care culture that fosters physician wellness.

ACS Governors Survey

2018 ACS Governors Survey: Burnout—a growing challenge

The results of a survey of ACS Board of Governors are summarized, including surgeon viewpoints and experiences concerning surgeon burnout.

EHRs add to surgeons’ administrative burdens: The ACS responds

EHR usability challenges are summarized, including its inability to adapt to individual practices and outdated documentation guidelines.

The Joint Commission

Recent studies focus on reducing burnout, improving well-being

Research identifying the frequency of burnout in surgeons is summarized, as are strategies for reducing health care provider stress.

New resources available for your personal and professional development

This month’s column highlights both personal and professional development resources available to members of the College.

Letters to the Editor

Correspondence and feedback regarding recent articles published in the Bulletin are featured on this month’s letters page.

Summit attendees take part in a breakout session

2015 Leadership program: Leading with influence and overcoming resistance to change

This article summarizes the leadership portion of the 2015 ACS Leadership & Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC, which focused on leading with influence, chapter success stories, and overcoming resistance to change.


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