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Discussing the role of surgical trainees with patients: Challenges and opportunities

Identifies the benefits and challenges associated with the surgical trainee’s role in patient care and provides recommendations for discussing trainee involvement with patients.

The sun always rises after a dreadful, stormy night

The virtual commencement address delivered by Dr. Hussain to the 2020 graduation class of the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences, OH, describes the role of young physicians in an ever-evolving world.

Teaching trainees how to write: Surgical resident opioid prescribing and perioperative pain management

HIGHLIGHTS Describes the role of residents in managing the opioid epidemic Outlines interventions, including education, to empower residents to make smart prescribing decisions Identifies the need for management of buprenorphine in the postoperative setting Opioid use disorder is rampant across the U.S. and has become a leading cause of injury-related death in the nation. In […]

From Residency to Retirement

Moving the mark on harassment in surgical training

The importance of upholding standards of conduct and the role surgical trainees can play in promoting a positive, equitable learning environment on explored.

Mayo Clinic joins the national effort to train tomorrow’s rural

Mayo Clinic joins the national effort to train tomorrow’s rural surgeons

Outlines the Mayo Clinic’s development of a rural general surgery training track and identifies lessons learned in the first three years of the program.

Dispatches from Rural Surgeons

What medical students need to know about training for a career in rural surgery

The ACS Advisory Council for Rural Surgery’s efforts to stimulate enhanced interest in rural surgery among medical students are summarized.

Figure 1. Map of cameroon and location of Saint-Luc Hospital

Italian training program in Cameroon: A model for developing cultural competence

The authors describe a training program aimed at improving cultural competency among surgery residents in Italy, as well as current and future barriers facing the rotation

Rural Surgery

Diamonds in the rough—a case for rural surgery rotations

A resident offers his perspective on strategies for stemming rural workforce shortages.

Apply now for 2017 ACS-UW Surgical Education Research Fellowship

A new fellowship intended for surgery residents who have completed a portion of postgraduate training can receive leadership skills education.

Surgery comes of age: The ACS and the evolution of the surgical profession

The College’s role in the evolution of surgical education and practice is summarized in this article, as is the increasingly visible role of women, minorities, and young surgeons in the ACS.

Talking through time: Trends in communication and the evolving patient-physician relationship

This article describes the effects of technology on patient-physician interactions and illustrates how patient access to medical information affects clinical decision making.

“Pimping”: Time-honored educational tradition or relic of the past?

Pimping as a common pedagogic technique throughout the history of formal medical education is examined in this article, which also describes the pros and cons of this technique and offers suggestions for effectively engaging in pimping.

Technology for teaching: New tools for 21st century surgeons

This article describes how advances in computer technology, video cameras, and smart phones are revolutionizing surgical training and highlights the educational benefits of simulated training and telementoring.

Violet after surgery (photos courtesy of Boston Children’s Hospital)

3-D printing: Revolutionizing preoperative planning, resident training, and the future of surgical care

In this month’s cover story, members of the College describe their experiences with 3-D printing models, identify its benefits and limitations, and consider future applications for this technology.

Surgical skills competitions at ACS chapter meetings can increase resident engagement

This month’s column describes surgical skills competitions and their role in increasing resident involvement at the Massachusetts Chapter of the ACS annual meeting.

Attendees at the Clinical Congress 2015 RAS Symposium

Not your father’s ACS: The view from the Chair of the RAS-ACS

The mission and future goals of the RAS-ACS’ four standing committees—Education, Issues & Advocacy, Membership, and Communication—are outlined in this article.

Demetrios Demetriades, MD, PhD, FACS, professor of surgery; and director, division of acute care surgery, USC (left), presents a plaque to Dr. Sachdeva.

Dr. Sachdeva delivers Distinguished Professor Lecture at USC

Ajit K. Sachdeva, MD, FACS, FRCSC, Director, ACS Division of Education, delivered the Distinguished Professor Lecture at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles.

The 2015 RAS-ACS annual Communications Committee essay contest: An introduction

The 2015 RAS-ACS annual Communications Committee essay contest focused on “the hidden curriculum in surgery.”

First-place essay: The things I carry

Krista Terracina, MD, the 2015 RAS Communications Committee essay winner, describes how patient interactions have influenced her career as a surgeon.

Sharing clinical photographs: Patient rights, professional ethics, and institutional responsibilities

This article describes best practices for sharing clinical photographs and includes a case study highlighting real-world patient privacy concerns, security issues related to mobile device usage, and other ethical considerations.


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