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RAS-ACS Symposium: Pro: Competency-Based Training: Is There Any Other Way?

This ACS RAS Symposium second-place essay winner identifies the benefits of competency-based training.

RAS-ACS Symposium: Con: Competency-Based Training: A Gateway to Efficiency or a Sprint to the Finish Line?

This ACS RAS Symposium second-place essay winner outlines the challenges associated with competency-based training.

RAS-ACS Communications Committee Essay Contest: Introduction from the RAS-ACS Communications Committee Chair

The theme of the 2021 RAS-ACS Communications Committee essay contest was More Than Just a Number: How Should We Be Evaluating Candidates for the Match?

RAS-ACS Communications Committee Essay Contest: More Than Just a Number: How Should We Be Evaluating Candidates for the Match?

Srineil Vuthaluru, MBBS, the 2021 RAS Communications Committee essay winner, describes her experiences participating in a holistic evaluation process for selecting match candidates.


The surgeon’s role in health policy: An introduction

Serving as a busy surgeon or surgical trainee is always a balancing act. Making time to fill a seat on one committee often means leaving an unfilled seat someplace else. Each time a surgeon is unable to attend a meeting leads to less inclusivity at future meetings, as these are often scheduled by, and with […]

Getting started in advocacy and health policy: The ACS can help

Identifies how young surgeons can participate in advocacy and health policy activities, and summarizes issues affecting physicians today, including reimbursement and policy related to information technology.

The teaching prerogative and the role of surgeons in educational health care policy

Describes the importance of protecting and expanding GME in order to ensure quality surgical care and to reduce workforce shortages and highlights the importance of formalized advocacy education.

Surgical societies: Their impact on health policy

Outlines the role of surgical societies in developing health care policy and summarizes current policy initiatives led by the ACS Commission on Cancer, the American Urological Association, and others.

Surgeon advocacy in action: Challenges, accomplishments, and future direction

Summarizes examples of advocacy-related successes in the areas of surprise billing and administrative burden, and describes current issues, including pandemic-related challenges, that are the focus of surgeon-advocates today.


This is our lane: Advocating for firearm injury prevention as surgeons

Summarizes the role of the ACS Committee on Trauma and other medical societies in supporting firearm violence prevention legislation and policy.

Leveraging the surgeon’s role in health policy to address global road traffic injury

The surgeon’s role in addressing the economic and health burden of road traffic injury worldwide through an evidence-based approach is described.

RAS-ACS Symposium: Competency-based training: A gateway to efficiency or a hurried sprint to the finish line

The benefits and challenges associated with competency-based training, which is the topic of the 2021 RAS Symposium, are summarized.

Statement on Resident Access to Personal Protective Equipment

The Statement on Resident Access to Personal Protective Equipment was developed by the ACS Resident and Associate Society and approved by the ACS Board of Regents.

Profiles in ACS leadership: A few questions for Raphael Sun, MD

This profile provides a look into the professional accomplishments and personal interests of Raphael Sun, MD, Chair of the Executive Committee of the Resident and Associate Society of the ACS.

ACS Resident and Associate Society: Diversity, equity, and inclusion in surgical patient care

The theme for this year’s RAS-ACS issue is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Surgery.

Introduction: Diversity, equity, and inclusion: The House of Surgery needs work

This introduction to the annual RAS-ACS issue provides an overview of the benefits and challenges associated with developing processes and policies that support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Leveling the playing field for surgical patients

Describes how the College can play a leadership role in reducing surgical care inequities to surgical care and identifies how the RAS-ACS Fellows are uniquely positioned to advocate for health care parity for underserved populations.

Glass ceilings and sticky floors: Examining diversity and inclusion in the surgical workforce

Identifies historical milestones in achieving a level of diversity in health care and summarizes areas requiring additional work, specifically the attitudes regarding gender equity and sexual orientation in the surgical workforce.

Mirror, mirror: How current societal issues reflect changes arising in surgery

HIGHLIGHTS Compares the challenges facing LGBTQ+ individuals, minorities, and women in surgery with emerging societal issues Describes lessons learned in other industries that could be used to improve diversity and equity in the surgical workforce Highlights the importance of intersectionality At one time, # meant “number” or was called the pound sign. Since the advent […]

Shoring up the pipeline: Increasing diversity in surgery by enhancing equity and inclusion in the surgical learning environment

HIGHLIGHTS Describes the importance of increasing diversity in surgery at the key phases of surgical training: recruitment, retention, and promotion Identifies how mentorship and sponsorship enhance equitable recruitment of surgeons Explores how policies that address both traditional and nontraditional family structures increase surgeon diversity and retention Summarizes how diverse role models help maintain an inclusive […]


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