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Dr. Schiff at a hospital in Shemya, 1947

A surgeon’s Woodstock

The selfless actions of a surgeon who treated patients at the iconic Woodstock Festival underscore the range of surgical skills and compassion that surgeons of all generations would benefit from possessing.

Dispatches from Rural Surgeons

Rural surgery: The road less traveled

This month’s column describes the career pathway that led a general surgeon from the New York State Tri-City Area to rural Oregon.

communication with patient

Can communication proficiency mitigate moral distress among surgeons? A case study and call to action

Moral distress and its potential effects on patient care are described using a case study in which an inexperienced resident must deliver difficult news without mentoring from the attending.

In My Hands

Looking forward – June 2018

Establishing a patient-surgeon relationship that is built on trust is the focus of this month’s column.

Dr. Maxson being examined in the UAMS Hospital trauma center

Surgeon credits trauma system he helped to create with saving his life

The experiences of a trauma surgeon turned patient reveal the high level of care he received through the Arkansas Trauma System—a network he helped to create.

Surgeons in the OR

A trauma surgeon on trial

Lessons learned from a trauma surgeon who was sued for a lack of “reasonable care and diligence,” including his experiences during the trial process, are shared.

OR door

To protect and serve: The ethical dilemma of allowing police access to trauma patients

The surgeon’s responsibilities when treating a patient who is remanded to police custody are discussed including a case study that highlights ethical factors to consider regarding law enforcement access to a patient.


New resources for surgeons to obtain true informed consent

New informed consent resources developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and The Joint Commission are summarized.

Trust: The keystone of the physician-patient relationship

Trust is the basis for a productive physician-patient according to Dr. Pellegrini, who summarizes his John J. Conley Ethics and Philosophy Lecture presented at Clinical Congress 2016.

Talking through time: Trends in communication and the evolving patient-physician relationship

This article describes the effects of technology on patient-physician interactions and illustrates how patient access to medical information affects clinical decision making.

Exploring the limits of surgeon disclosure: Where are the boundaries?

The subject of this article—the benefits and challenges associated with surgeon disclosure—will be debated at this year’s RAS-ACS Symposium at Clinical Congress 2016 in Washington, DC.

When states practice medicine: Physician gag laws

As a physician, you ask your patients a number of personal questions during the course of exams in order to provide the best care.


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