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Journal of the American College of Surgeons (JACS)

Coming next month in JACS and online now: Evaluating the effect of margin consensus guideline publication on operative patterns and financial impact of breast cancer surgery

A study in an upcoming issue of JACS finds that surgical and financial outcomes are improved with implementation of the consensus guideline on margins for breast conservation surgery.

Centennial reprint: The College’s ongoing commitment to the quality imperative

To help commemorate the ACS’ Centennial, the Bulletin is reprinting articles centered on the issues and developments that have defined the character of the organization and the surgical profession for the last 100 years. To close out this series, this month’s reprint from the March 2003 issue provides details on the College’s ongoing efforts to improve quality and patient safety.

Figure 1. Adverse outcomes

Symptoms of normal recovery or complication: The risks of postoperative care

Although patients are exposed to many risks in the preoperative phase of care (diagnosis and treatment selection) and during a procedure, the authors of this article found that some of the most dangerous risks exist in the postoperative stage. This article focuses on claims against surgeons that arose from care provided in the postoperative period, explores the causes and effects of postoperative complications, and describes lessons learned from the study and offers recommendations on steps to take to avoid unnecessary litigation.

Surgical leadership in the era of quality-based payment

New payment models developed in the U.S. in recent years illustrate the challenges of identifying and rewarding quality, particularly in surgery. Payors are experimenting with a variety of approaches to quality-based payment, including tying payment to evidence-based care processes, penalizing errors and “never events,” penalizing readmissions, linking payment to patient satisfaction, providing opportunities for shared savings, and tying payment to clinical outcomes.


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