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Dr. Waller (left), who has performed corneal transplants in 20 countries

Surgeons lead effort to establish a sustainable eye bank in a developing nation

This article provides an update on the efforts of a U.S. surgical team to establish an autonomous corneal transplant and eye banking program in Guyana and lessons learned from using a public-private partnership to support this program.

Above: Dr. Rodriguez and Mr. Hardison. Below: Mr. Hardison before his injury, after his initial surgery, and after the facial transplant.

Face forward: Transplant surgeon overcomes challenges with teamwork and technology

Dr. Rodriguez and a team of more than 100 health care professionals established new standards of care after completing the most extensive facial transplant to date.

Dr. Ketel

Dr. Beverley Ketel: Surgeon who brought transplant surgery to Peoria, IL, reflects on a fulfilling career

A profile of Beverly L. Ketel, MD, FACS, who organized one of the first transplantation donor donation programs in the Midwest, highlights her success as woman surgeon and provides a brief overview of the history of transplantation.

Dr. Waller (top left) looks on as Dr. Jain (a local eye surgeon, at microscope) and a local nurse assistant (left) transplant a cornea. Drs. Jindal and Patel observe

Surgeons develop visionary plan to bring corneal transplants to developing countries

Key features of a successful corneal transplant system in underserved countries are highlighted in this article, including the private-public partnership model that can be useful in offsetting costs, building surgical capacity, and establishing the infrastructure to support an eye bank.

Joseph E. Murray, MD, FACS, opened doors for transplant surgeons

The life and achievements of 1990 Nobel Laureate Joseph E. Murray, MD, FACS—a former Regent and First Vice-President of the ACS and a pioneer in organ transplantation—are highlighted in this article.


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