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More emphasis on safety needed: The patient advocate’s perspective

The Connecticut Center for Patient Safety (CTCPS), a not-for-profit patient advocacy group, was established in response to the medical mistakes and preventable harms that patients and health care consumers all too regularly endure. This article highlights the CTCPS’ mission, which is to promote patient safety, improve the quality of health care, and protect the rights of patients through public media, patient education, and legislative action.

Attorneys and physicians share common goals: The medical liability lawyer’s perspective

The common goals of physicians and attorneys who represent plaintiffs in medical liability lawsuits are described in this article as are examples of injured patients who have benefited from legal professions available in current tort law.

2012 state legislative wrap-up

This article provides an overview of important state health care issues—including medical liability reform, quality and patient safety, workforce issues, cancer care, and others—that ACS State Affairs staff monitored in 2012.

The 112th Congress: The year in review

Over the last year, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) has remained focused on advancing its health policy agenda in Congress. This article summarizes the ACS’ steadfast efforts to lobby on the primary issues of concern to Fellows, including Medicare payment reform, medical liability, surgical workforce issues, and funding for trauma and emergency medical services systems.

Controlling state health care costs: Massachusetts forges ahead

State legislatures have grappled with reform measures, especially with respect to Medicaid, for decades. Adding fuel to efforts to reform the program are falling state revenues and a rising number of Medicaid recipients—both of which may be attributed to the recession. State governments will be closely watching Massachusetts’s efforts to control health care costs and improve quality as policymakers across the nation face the same concerns.

Why the 2012 elections matter to you—the surgeon

Voting on key health policy-related issues, particularly from the surgeon’s perspective, this election year will help ensure that patients have access to the best-quality surgical care. This article examines issues such as quality improvement and medical liability reform and why surgeons should take the time to educate both colleagues and patients on these topics.

State of the states: Defining surgery

The state legislatures started their sessions in early January and are now considering thousands of bills that could impact patients, physicians, nonphysician health care providers, and virtually the entire health care system. Generally speaking, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) State Affairs area of the Division of Advocacy and Health Policy monitors and tracks more […]

Medical liability reform: Evidence for legislative and alternative approaches

Medical liability reform remains a point of contentious debate in the U.S. A growing base of literature shows that the current system for litigating medical malpractice is inconsistent, wasteful, and damaging to physicians and patients. Most patients who sustain injuries due to negligent care never sue, and only one in six who do sue ever […]


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