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2015 ACS Governors Survey: Surgeons describe the ACA’s effects on access to care

The findings of the 2015 ACS Governors Survey, specifically the benefits and challenges associated with the Affordable Care Act’s efforts to expand access to care, are summarized.

Medicaid program expansion

This column describes changes occurring in the Medicaid program that have the greatest impact on practicing surgeons and addresses the program expansion as it relates to coverage rates in the states.

Implementation of the ACA: Turning federal law into state-level reality

A summary of the Affordable Care Act provisions that are to be implemented at the state level, as well as a review of how specific states are addressing Medicaid expansion are highlighted in this article.

Medicaid expansion likely to affect the delivery of surgical care

This article provides an overview of the Medicaid program and proposed expansion under the Affordable Care Act, considers the impact of expansion on patient care, and clarifies the factors driving state implementation decisions.


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