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State capitol dome

Trauma and cancer take center stage in the state legislatures

Developments in state legislation in the first quarter of 2019, including bills related to Maintenance of Certification, single-payor coverage, and unanticipated billing, are summarized.

2018 state legislative review and a look toward 2019

2018 state legislative review and a look toward 2019

State legislative priorities for 2018, including bills addressing trauma, injury prevention, scope of practice, out-of-network billing, UEVHPA and MOC, are identified as are key issues for 2019.

Capitol dome

2017 state legislative update: Lawmakers engage on MOC, trauma funding, and other issues

State legislative priorities for the ACS in 2017, including Maintenance of Certification, trauma funding, and video taping of operations,  are summarized.

Letters to the Editor

The following comments were received regarding a recent column published in the Bulletin.


2017 state legislative year in review and a look toward 2018

State legislative priorities for 2017, including scope of practice, Maintenance of Certification, and opioids, are identified as are key issues for 2018.

David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking forward – August 2017

The College’s and the ABS’ role in addressing concerns related to MOC requirements is the focus of this month’s column.

American Medical Association (AMA)

ACS delegation influences AMA policy at HOD meeting

This report summarizes the topics that the College’s delegation addressed at the American Medical Association House of Delegates meeting in June.

Table 6

2016 ACS Governors Survey: Issues affecting surgical practice

Surgeons’ views on health policy and advocacy-related issues and their potential effect on general surgery practice, based on the findings of the 2016 ACS Governors Survey, are summarized.

SRGS and the COT trauma education programs: Keeping surgeons current on the provision of optimal patient care

Selected Readings in General Surgery and ACS Committee on Trauma educational programming are the subject of this month’s column.

Credentialing and privileging: Five tips for ASCs

This month’s column highlights practical tips for navigating the credentialing and privileging process.

Letters to the Editor

Following are comments received on recent articles published in the Bulletin.

The American Board of Surgery Maintenance of Certification Program: The first 10 years

The history of the American Board of Surgery Maintenance of Certification program is summarized in this article, as are current requirements and the future direction of the program, particularly in light of evolving best practices and new standards.

AMA House of Delegates takes action on spectrum of issues

This report summarizes the topics addressed by the College’s delegation at the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates meeting in November 2014.

MOC review course offered at Clinical Congress

The ACS 2014 Clinical Congress will feature a Didactic Course titled Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Review: Essentials for Surgical Specialties, which will address fundamentals common across the surgical specialties.

Issues discussed at the AMA House of Delegates meeting include definition of surgery, obesity

The annual meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates took place June 15–19 in Chicago, IL. More than 550 delegates as well as alternate delegates converged on the Windy City to consider and adopt policy for the AMA.

MOC Review: Essentials for Surgical Specialties to be offered at Clinical Congress

A new course titled Maintenance of Certification Review: Essentials for Surgical Subspecialities will be offered at the 2013 Clinical Congress.

Maintenance of licensure moving forward

Because licensure is critical to surgical practice, it is important that surgeons have an understanding of how changes in licensing are likely to affect them in the coming years, as well as potential steps that may be necessary to maintain licensure. This article provides an overview of the Federation of State Medical Board’s efforts to develop maintenance of licensure program.

Emerging trends in lifelong learning: New directions for ACS surgical education programs

The future of surgical education will involve innovations in telemedicine and immersive instruction, increased emphasis on simulation, and lifelong learning opportunities that are customized to the individual surgeon’s training and knowledge gaps. The learning needs of surgeons can vary greatly, but through state-of-the-art educational programming and training, the ultimate goals of lifelong learning—patient safety and quality of care—are obtainable.


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