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Data Reveal the Details about the Surgeon Workforce Shortage

This article highlights the role of data in determining healthcare workforce distribution and potential gaps in the future, and summarizes how surgical workforce reforms must account for disparities in order to succeed.

Where does equity start? An American surgeon’s northern exposure

The author describes how the prevailing inequities in the provision of health care in the U.S. are most likely to be overcome only when health care is considered a fundamental right of every citizen.

New award recognizes hospitals that are working to reduce health care disparities

The inaugural 2021 Bernard J. Tyson National Award for Excellence in Pursuit of Healthcare Equity recognizes institutions that successfully launch projects to address health care disparities.

ACS hosts the Promoting DEI & Anti-Racism Professional Surgical Society Retreat

More than 50 organizations attended the virtual ACS Promoting DEI & Anti-Racism: Professional Surgical Society Retreat in June to discuss best practices for promoting equity.


Social determinants of health and surgery: An overview

Describes the social determinants of health such as economics, environment, education, and access to care and examines these factors within a surgical quality improvement framework.

Make the call: A car crash, trauma care, standards, and inequity

Describes the College’s and The Joint Commission’s ongoing efforts to improve trauma care and provides an introduction to Dr. Coleman’s article describing her husband’s experiences at a state-verified Level II trauma center.

The prescription America needs right now is more than a vaccine

The author issues a call to action for health care systems to recognize the harmful effects of implicit bias on patient care through the lens of her husband’s experience at a state-verified Level II trauma center in the Chicago, IL, area.

David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking Forward – July 2020

Dr. Hoyt’s Looking forward column—which serves as the cover story this month—outlines leadership strategies for meeting the challenges of two public health crises of our time: the COVID-19 pandemic and racism.

Stop racism

ACS issues call to action on racism as a public health crisis: An ethical imperative

The ACS issued a call to action in early June declaring racism a public health crisis.

Financial toxicity: A growing burden for cancer patients

Financial toxicity: A growing burden for cancer patients

Defines financial toxicity, identifies patients most at risk, and outlines ongoing clinical trials investigating this issue.

A Look at The Joint Commission

Advancing health equity in hospitals

Strategies for achieving health care equity, which contributes to improved surgical outcomes, are outlined.

National Cancer Database

The impact of financial barriers on access to quality care in breast cancer

Eliminating financial barriers and improving access to care will improve the health of individuals with or at risk for breast cancer.


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