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Stop the Bleed

Stopping the bleed in Texas: The importance of surgeons and health care professionals as advocates

The steps taken by the North and South Texas Chapters to achieve passage of hemorrhage control legislation that supports bleeding control kits in public schools are identified.

Out of unspeakable tragedy comes progress in bleeding control

Updates on the Stop the Bleed® campaign are summarized, including the College’s ongoing role in this initiative, specifically training the public to be immediate responders at mass casualty events.

Bleeding control training: An opportunity for local volunteerism, community engagement, and peer education

A young surgeon describes how he implemented a Stop the Bleed® training program in Rochester, NY.

The Hartford Consensus

AMA HOD approves ACS-sponsored resolution on mass casualty bleeding control

The American Medical Association’s House of Delegates approved a resolution introduced by the ACS to train more professional first responders and civilian immediate responders to mass casualty events in the essential techniques of bleeding control.

Survey: Civilians support wider access to education on how to help victims of mass casualty events

The results of a national poll published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons indicate that civilians have an interest in taking a bleeding control course.

Stop the Bleed

The Hartford Consensus IV: A Call for Increased National Resilience

The Hartford Consensus IV provides a status update on this mass casualty response initiative, offers suggestions for enhanced citizen resilience to these events, and describes the recently released “Stop the Bleed” poster.

Dr. Jacobs, second from left, in a photo tweeted by the Department of Homeland Security from the White House event

Dr. Lenworth Jacobs speaks at White House “Stop the Bleed” event

Lenworth M. Jacobs, Jr., MD, MPH, FACS, ACS Regent and Chairman of the Hartford Consensus, was among the featured speakers October 6 at a “Stop the Bleed” event at the White House.


Compendium on improving survivability from mass casualty events

A compendium of commentaries and policy directives from national and surgical leaders, as well as the Hartford Consensus reports that have been published previously in the Bulletin, is mailing with this month’s Bulletin. The compendium encourages people at mass casualty events to “see something, do something.”

Bleeding control spotlighted at new ACS Theater Sessions at Clinical Congress

A new bleeding control course has been developed for direct training of immediate responders in external hemorrhage control and will be spotlighted at Clinical Congress 2015 in the ACS Theater.

If you see something, do something

The Hartford Consensus III: Implementation of Bleeding Control

The Hartford Consensus III report describes the three levels of responders to intentional mass-casualty or active shooter events with an emphasis on immediate responders, providing guidelines for bleeding control programs and public education.

Hartford Consensus in action: Law enforcement gets equipment, training to control bleeding

An update on the Hartford Consensus initiative, including the distribution of bleeding control kits and training to police departments around the country, is provided in this news brief.


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