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Blockchain technology in health care: A primer for surgeons

The challenges of implementing blockchain technology in health care are described, as is its potential role in enhancing EHR interoperability.

A history of health information technology and the future of interoperability

The evolving role of health information technology is outlined, including the challenges associated with achieving interoperability and improved data exchange.

Dr. Britt

Conversation with Dr. Britt

Dr. Britt, ACS Past-President, shares his views on the state of patient safety in an interview with Dr. Lipshy.

2015 ACS Governors Survey: Surgeons express concerns regarding EHR

The findings of the 2015 ACS Governors Survey, specifically the benefits and challenges associated with the EHR, are summarized.

Big data and GME: Expanding the scope of patient safety and QI training

This month’s column explores big data as it relates to enhancing graduate medical education, specifically how studying this information increases residents’ sense of ownership over the development of quality improvement initiatives.

Big Data

Big promise and big challenges for big health care data

This article explores the growing demand for health care data and introduces readers to the concept of “big data” and its implications for surgical practice.

Report on ACSPA/ACS activities: October 2013

This report details the recent activities, initiatives, and business matters of both the American College of Surgeons Professional Association and of the ACS as of October 2013.

The Medicare EHR Incentive Program deadlines

Since implementation of the Medicare electronic health record program, the Bulletin has published columns such as this one to assist surgeons and administrative staff in differentiating the two phases of implementation, to inform surgeons of important deadlines, and to make them aware of the penalties associated with noncompliance and nonparticipation.

Improved communication techniques enable residents to provide better care now and in the future

Underscoring the role of effective communication in delivering high-quality patient-centered care, this article describes how certain tools, including checklists and the development of multidisciplinary teams, can be used to improve the dissemination of key information.

The Medicare EHR Incentive Program

Surgeons are asking more questions pertaining to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services EHR Incentive Program, such as: Why should I enroll? What resources are available to help me understand the incentives? What are the Stage 1 requirements? This column provides an overview of the program and illustrates the various meaningful use measures developed to help maximize incentives for participation.

Table 1: Common examples of HIT 7-9,10

Health information technology, meaningful use criteria, and their effects on surgeons

In the face of rising costs, inconsistent quality, and the recent economic decline, strategies aimed at creating a more efficient health care system now rank among the most contested political issues in the U.S. As evidenced by the attention given to health information technology (HIT) in the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health […]


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