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New manual for cancer surgery issued: Operative Standards for Cancer Surgery

Operative Standards for Cancer Surgery, developed by the ACS Clinical Research Program Cancer Care Standards Development Committee, provides evidence-based guidelines for oncologic resections.

MEAL flowchart

Does altering diet affect progression of prostate cancer? The MEAL study

Experimental consideration confirming or refuting the impact of diet on cancer progression or its ability to protect consumers against carcinogenesis is needed, according to the authors of this month’s column. The Men’s Eating and Living study, which will follow prostate cancer patients under expectant management, will provide important data on the actual, short-term impact of the adoption of a diet that increases vegetable intake and limits meat and dairy intake.

RQRS monthly alert to cancer program with cases not yet compliant with CoC quality measures

American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer Rapid Quality Reporting System: From quality measurement to quality improvement

Systems like the ACS Commission on Cancer’s Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS) not only measure quality, but also assist in immediate quality improvement. These systems, observes the author of this column, are valuable tools for improving cancer care and should be the focus of future research efforts.

Improving cancer care through quality measures: Putting evidence to work with the CoC

To overcome inconsistencies in cancer care, the development, measurement, and reporting of quality measures are essential. This article highlights the efforts of the ACS Commission on Cancer and its collaboration with other societies involved in defining and measuring breast cancer care.

What is the appropriate extent of lymphadenectomy for bladder cancer?

It is possible that the removal of additional lymph nodes may have only a small but beneficial therapeutic impact in patients with bladder cancer, according to the authors of this column, which highlights the critical role of lymphadenectomy as well as its limitations.

Malignant pleural effusion research provides insights to improve surgical study design

Our research shows tunneled pleural catheters are reliable methods to control malignant pleural effusion and may be optimal if full lung expansion is uncertain. This experience also suggested that a phased data gathering approach to better launch complex surgical trials and the selective use of alternative trial designs would enhance such future endeavors. This column highlights important lessons for future study.

Announcing the Surgical Standards Manual Project: A call for volunteers

The ACS Clinical Research Program (CRP) asserts that the time is right to develop a manual that provides details regarding surgical standards, complete with checklists. This article provides an overview of why such a manual is needed at this time and offers a call for volunteers to help in developing these guidelines.


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