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Surgeon advocacy in state government: Listening and planning for future engagement

Summarizes key focus group findings regarding ACS state advocacy resources and outlines state legislative priorities in 2022, especially issues related to COVID-19.

Surgeon perspectives on engaging in state advocacy

ACS Fellows share their perspectives and experiences regarding state advocacy.

SurgeonsPAC’s impact on the 2022 midterm election cycle

The accomplishments of the SurgeonsPAC as of November 2021 are summarized.


Tips for turning a strategic plan into active advocacy

Summarizes the differences between passive and active advocacy and identifies the importance of strategic planning for developing policy solutions.

Your ACS benefits: We have the tools for you to become an effective surgeon-advocate

ACS advocacy resources, including SurgeonsVoice, which are intended to help facilitate engagement in health policy-related initiatives are summarized.

The surgeon’s role in health policy: An introduction

Serving as a busy surgeon or surgical trainee is always a balancing act. Making time to fill a seat on one committee often means leaving an unfilled seat someplace else. Each time a surgeon is unable to attend a meeting leads to less inclusivity at future meetings, as these are often scheduled by, and with […]

Getting started in advocacy and health policy: The ACS can help

Identifies how young surgeons can participate in advocacy and health policy activities, and summarizes issues affecting physicians today, including reimbursement and policy related to information technology.

The teaching prerogative and the role of surgeons in educational health care policy

Describes the importance of protecting and expanding GME in order to ensure quality surgical care and to reduce workforce shortages and highlights the importance of formalized advocacy education.

Surgical societies: Their impact on health policy

Outlines the role of surgical societies in developing health care policy and summarizes current policy initiatives led by the ACS Commission on Cancer, the American Urological Association, and others.

Surgeon advocacy in action: Challenges, accomplishments, and future direction

Summarizes examples of advocacy-related successes in the areas of surprise billing and administrative burden, and describes current issues, including pandemic-related challenges, that are the focus of surgeon-advocates today.


This is our lane: Advocating for firearm injury prevention as surgeons

Summarizes the role of the ACS Committee on Trauma and other medical societies in supporting firearm violence prevention legislation and policy.

Leveraging the surgeon’s role in health policy to address global road traffic injury

The surgeon’s role in addressing the economic and health burden of road traffic injury worldwide through an evidence-based approach is described.

COVID-19’s impact on advocacy: Virtual versus in-person meetings

The benefits and challenges of virtual advocacy activities are described as are the advantages of hybrid virtual and in-person advocacy meetings.

Federal surprise billing legislation becomes law

HIGHLIGHTS Describes congressional committees’ perspectives on surprise medical billing Summarizes the bipartisan, bicameral agreement on the No Surprises Act Outlines patient protections under the No Surprises Act Provides an overview of payment dispute resolution processes For two years, from the end of 2018 through the end of 2020, congressional leaders explored different policy solutions to […]

David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking forward – March 2021

Describes the role of the ACSPA-SurgeonsPAC and outlines the benefits of putting aside personal politics when approaching elected officials and policymakers with, as well as colleagues.

David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking forward – April 2020

Dr. Hoyt summarizes the findings of a recent Ballast Research report that identifies the ACS as one of the most effective advocacy organizations in Washington, DC.

Committee on Trauma advocates for improved care of severely injured patients

Committee on Trauma advocates for improved care of severely injured patients

Summarizes ACS COT advocacy priorities at the local and federal levels and provides updates on firearm injury prevention, Stop the Bleed, and trauma funding.

Dateline DC

Dateline DC: 2019 Advocate at Home Program demonstrates the importance of advocating for surgery outside of Washington, DC

The aim and development of the ACS Division of Advocacy and Health Policy’s Advocate at Home Program, which provides resources to support in-district meetings, are described.

Dateline DC

Dateline DC—Stop the Bleed demonstrates how advocacy has the power to effect change

The effectiveness of collaborative advocacy-related efforts to develop, launch, and expand the Stop the Bleed® program are summarized.

Dateline DC

Dateline DC—Democrat leaders shift focus to preserving Affordable Care Act protections

Provisions in the Affordable Care Act that safeguard access to surgical care—currently under review by key congressional committees—are described.


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