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ACS News

New Community to replace ACS Surgery News

ACS Emerging News—a new ACS Community—is replacing ACS Surgery News.

David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking forward – February 2018

Dr. Hoyt provides an update on the online ACS Communities and highlights how participants use the platform to improve patient care and share common concerns and interests.

ACS Communities

ACS Communities begins third year

An update on the ACS Communities is provided.

Sample “My Profile” web page

Maximize your visibility and the benefits of Fellowship with the My Profile Web page

This month’s column highlights the ACS Member Profile—which allows users to manage CME credits, link to the ACS Communities, and contact ACS leaders—as well as the Surgeon Specific Registry, which allows users to track cases and outcomes.

Dr. Hoyt

Looking forward – April 2016

In this month’s column, Dr. Hoyt highlights key initiatives aimed at improving communication between rank-and-file Fellows and the ACS leadership, including enhanced social media engagement and the online ACS Communities.

ACS Communities

News from the ACS Communities: ACS extends invitation to join online military community

The ACS Communities invites surgeons to join the new online Military Community in order to contribute to the work being done through the College related to military surgical care, share advice on treatment of injured patients (in military or civilian settings), and assist in identifying areas where research might benefit military and civilian trauma care.

Omnibus per artem fidemque prodesse

The Surgeon Specific Registry and the ACS Member Profile enhance your practice

The first installment of the new “Your ACS benefits” column highlights two ACS member databases: the Surgeon Specific Registry and the ACS Member Profile.

Build Community

News from the ACS Communities

The ACS Diversity Community—part of an online platform for members of the College with shared interests—is the focus of a new Bulletin column that will feature updates from ACS Community editors

Figure 1

College hits its stride in social media usage

An update on the College’s social media usage and the ACS Communities, is provided in this news article.

Figure 1. ACS home page

A new era begins for ACS online properties

This article highlights redeveloped ACS online properties, including a state-of-the-art community platform and a new public website.


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