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Implementation of Operative Standards into Surgical Practice 

This column describes initiatives for improving  oncologic outcomes by implementing recommendations outlined in the Operative Standards for Cancer Surgery manual.


100 Years of Quality: ACS COT and CoC Celebrate Centennial Anniversaries 

The ACS COT and the ACS COC, two of the longest standing quality programs of the College, are celebrating 100 years of improving patient care.

Executive Director’s Update: Leading Quality Improvement in Trauma and Cancer for 100 Years

Dr. Turner highlights the notable achievements of both the CoC and the COT as the ACS’ two longest-standing quality programs celebrate 100 years of improving surgical care.

ACS Commends President Biden’s Plan to Close Gaps in Cancer Screening

The College issued a statement in support of the Biden Administration’s goal of increasing cancer screening.

Commission on Cancer: One hundred years, past and future

Describes the origin of cancer care coordination beginning with the Committee on the Treatment of Malignant Diseases and identifies new opportunities and challenges for the next 100 years.

The Commission on Cancer: A 10-decade perspective

HIGHLIGHTS Identifies significant accomplishments of the CoC, including the evolution of cancer clinics and the development of patient data registries Describes key collaborative efforts between the CoC and the College of American Pathologists, American College of Radiology, American Cancer Society, and other partner organizations Summarizes the growth of CoC programs, including the launch of the […]

The value of the Commission on Cancer

Outlines the mission of the Commission on Cancer (CoC) and the benefits of CoC-accreditation, including cancer program structure and external assessment and describes the evolution of patient services within the accreditation standards, specifically cancer survivorship programs.

Cancer: The silent pandemic

Source: Roser M, Ortiz-Ospina E, Ritchie H (2013). Life expectancy. Available online at ourworldindata.org

CoC accreditation adds value to cancer programs

Summarizes the results of a survey of Commission on Cancer-accredited cancer centers and describes how the accreditation process can facilitate resource allocation.

The transition from the Committee on Cancer to the Commission on Cancer (1960–1965)

HIGHLIGHTS Describes the primary functions of the Committee on Cancer in the 1960s Highlights the Committee on Cancer’s efforts to develop a multidisciplinary approach to membership, especially regarding the accreditation process Summarizes the Committee on Cancer’s role in developing educational programming for the ACS Clinical Congress and state chapter meetings Describes the evolution of the […]

The journey from end results to the National Cancer Database

Chronicles the evolution of cancer records and registries and summarizes the milestones leading from local cancer reporting to the formation of the National Cancer Database.

Cancer registrars: Essential contributors to the cancer care team

Explains how computerization and coding standards led to a transformation of the registrar’s role.

2020 CoC operative standards: Where are we now?

An increasing body of evidence demonstrates that adherence to specific operative techniques during cancer surgery directly improves key patient outcomes, including survival and quality of life. The 2020 Commission on Cancer (CoC) accreditation standards, Optimal Resources for Cancer Care, includes six new operative standards. Standards 5.3 through 5.8 were developed from review of the critical […]

CoC Outstanding Achievement Award

CoC announces 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award recipients

The ACS Commission on Cancer has granted its year-end 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award to a select group of accredited cancer programs throughout the U.S.

Commission on Cancer

The CoC: Ensuring quality cancer care and a commitment to advocacy for cancer research and prevention

The development of the CoC and its focus on improving cancer patient care is described, as are the state-level and federal legislative CoC advocacy efforts.

CoC announces 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award recipients

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons has granted its 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA) to a select group of 24 accredited cancer programs throughout the U.S. The OAA designation is presented to exceptional CoC-accredited programs that have met the criteria for all seven commendation-eligible CoC standards, and have achieved compliance […]

CoC Outstanding Achievement Award

CoC grants Outstanding Achievement Award to 16 cancer care facilities

The ACS Commission on Cancer has granted its year-end 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award to a select group of accredited cancer programs throughout the U.S.

Prevention Study Example

Using data to plan cancer prevention and screening activities

Studying behavioral risk factors are key in planning effective cancer prevention and screening programs.

CoC Outstanding Achievement Award

16 cancer care facilities receive CoC Outstanding Achievement Award

The ACS Commission on Cancer has granted its mid-year 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award to a select group of accredited cancer programs throughout the U.S.

Federal Legislative Priorities

ACS pushes forward on federal legislative priorities

ACS advocacy-related activities for the first half of 2017 are described, and updates on the CoC and Stop the Bleed initiatives are provided.


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