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Primary palliative care

Practicing primary palliative care: A call to action(0)

November 1, 2019

The surgical patient populations with unmet palliative care needs are identified and the validity of training clinicians in providing this care, particularly as part of an interdisciplinary team, is described.


Longitudinal experience with the RTTDC: Improving outcomes through collaboration

The challenges rural trauma centers face, including practice variability, tertiary care referral, and staffing shortages, are summarized as is the evolution of the RTTDC, including evidence-based research that underscores the effectiveness of the program.

Stop the Bleed

Stopping the bleed in Texas: The importance of surgeons and health care professionals as advocates

The steps taken by the North and South Texas Chapters to achieve passage of hemorrhage control legislation that supports bleeding control kits in public schools are identified.

State legislatures consider surprise billing legislation in 2019

State legislatures consider surprise billing legislation in 2019

A status update of state-level surprise billing legislation in 2019.

Commission on Cancer

The CoC: Ensuring quality cancer care and a commitment to advocacy for cancer research and prevention

The development of the CoC and its focus on improving cancer patient care is described, as are the state-level and federal legislative CoC advocacy efforts.

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