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Enhanced web-side manner and digital inclusivity are key to maintaining telehealth momentum(0)

March 4, 2021

HIGHLIGHTS Identifies the benefits of virtual care, including safety, accessibility, convenience, and reduced costs Describes strategies that support digital inclusivity for patients who lack access to appropriate technology Outlines challenges associated with universal implementation of telemedicine, including expanded Medicare coverage for these services Summarizes the future of telehealth technology, including AI and remote patient monitoring […]

Leveraging knowledge management for better quality surgical care: An introduction

HIGHLIGHTS Summarizes the evolution of knowledge management and its applications in health care Describes the benefits of knowledge management including enhanced collaboration, reduced preventable medical errors, and increased innovation Identifies how knowledge management can be applied to each step of the modern care model Outlines the challenges related to knowledge management services, particularly implementation Approximately […]

Susan Dimock, MD, pioneering American physician

HIGHLIGHTS Outlines the academic and professional accomplishments of Dr. Dimock, one of the first U.S. women surgeons Identifies key mentors who influenced and inspired Dr. Dimock Describes the enduring significance of a neck tumor operation performed by Dr. Dimock in 1873 Editor’s note: This study originated in research conducted by Susan Wilson for her work-in-progress, […]

2020 ACS Governors Survey: SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the use of telemedicine

Editor’s note: The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Board of Governors (B/G) conducts an annual survey of its domestic and international members. The purpose of the survey is to provide a means of communicating the concerns of the Governors to the College leadership. The 2020 ACS Governors Survey, conducted in June and July 2020 by […]

Making the most of virtual interviews with surgical training programs

HIGHLIGHTS Identifies the benefits of virtual interviews, including efficiency and reduced costs Summarizes survey findings related to trainee and medical student in-person interview experiences Provides suggestions for preparing for surgical fellowship or residency program virtual interviews The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a profound impact on the medical field, with far-reaching and practice-altering effects on […]

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