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Surgeon-Educator Offers Career Advice for Medical Students(0)

April 1, 2022

Outlines the characteristics necessary for a successful career in medicine and surgery, and identifies strategies for engaging in a meaningful residency experience.

Overcoming Disparities in Surgical Care among Native Americans

This article describes the inequities in oncologic surgical care for Native Americans and identifies how the recruitment of Native Americans into healthcare reduces disparities and enhances trust in the US medical system.

Trailblazing Women Minority Surgeons: Dr. Dorothy L. Brown: Surgeon, Legislator, and Teacher

Dr. Brown overcame many obstacles on her path to becoming the first Black woman general surgeon Fellow of the ACS.

Beecher’s Bombshell and the Complicated History of Informed Consent 

Describes Dr. Beecher’s role in the development of bioethics and the regulation of research, and outlines his pioneering work in the area of informed consent.

COVID-19 and Haiti Earthquakes: Catalysts to Improve Global Healthcare 

Identifies lessons learned from managing the COVID-19 pandemic and the Haiti earthquakes of 2010 for responding to future mass casualty events.

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