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Pediatric surgeons and gastroenterologists collaborate with outpatient community services to streamline outpatient gastrostomy tube placement(0)

January 8, 2021

Gastrostomy tube (G-tube) placement is often a crucial component in a medically complex child’s care and one of the more common procedures performed at children’s hospitals; however, approaches to patient counseling and postoperative management for this procedure varies. Families often agonize over the decision and worry about their ability to care for their child after […]

Managing postoperative pain while limiting opioid prescriptions

Opioid abuse has come to the forefront of medical issues in recent years. What began in the 1990s with an increase in opioid prescriptions, fueled by a desire to better treat pain and reassurances from pharmaceutical companies on safety, developed into a crisis affecting nearly 1.7 million individuals by 2017, according to the National Institute […]

ACS Quality and Case Studies

Virtual acute care for older patients reduces hospital length of stay

A quality improvement initiative implemented by the University of Alabama at Birmingham improved patient mobility and decreased hospital length of stay for an older surgical patient population.

ACS Quality and Case Studies

Keep calm and stay out of the ICU: A comprehensive approach to reducing unplanned ICU admissions

The results of a quality improvement initiative to decrease unplanned intensive care unit admissions at Geisinger-CMC, Scranton, PA, are summarized.

ACS Quality and Case Studies

Postoperative pain and nausea protocols decrease LOS without increasing readmissions after laparoscopic gastric bypass

Analgesic and nausea protocols deployed across four phases of operative care in patients at The University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, resulted in a reduced length of stay without increasing readmissions.

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