We have compiled past issues of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and listed features for each issue. You can view the additional content and full issues of the Bulletin by clicking on PDF or Online.

Bulletin January 2018January 2018

Volume 103, Issue 1

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  • Reimbursement changes in 2018
    • The 2018 Medicare physician fee schedule: An overview of provisions that will affect surgical practice
    • 2018 CPT coding changes
  • The 2017 RAS-ACS annual Communications Committee essay contest: An introduction
  • First-place essay: Gravitas
  • Highlights of Clinical Congress 2017
  • ACS Officers, Regents, and Board of Governors’ Executive Committee


Bulletin February 2018February 2018

Volume 103, Issue 2

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  • Lessons learned from 2017 Atlantic hurricane season are summarized
  • The 2017 Olga M. Jonasson Lecture, delivered by Kathryn D. Anderson is presented
  • Efforts to improve cancer resection specimens are described
  • Outlines the origins and evolution of the scalpel
  • 2017 ACS state legislative priorities are explored


Bulletin March 2018March 2018

Volume 103, Issue 3

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  • A collection of features explores the legacy and future of ATLS
  • The second year of QPP, including noteworthy changes regarding nonparticipation, is discussed
  • Lessons learned from the Las Vegas mass shooting are described
  • New ACS CQGS course looks at best practices in geriatric surgical care


Bulletin April 2018April 2018

Volume 103, Issue 4

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • Guidelines for achieving excellence in surgery are described
  • The role of the surgeon leader is defined
  • Trauma system started by a surgeon saves his life
  • Henri Ford, MD, FACS, is profiled
  • ACS Foundation provides annual update


Bulletin May 2018May 2018

Volume 103, Issue 5

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • Models for improving global surgical and obstetrical care are described
  • Programs enhancing access surgical care in the Asia Pacific are identified
  • WFSA leaders describe plan for WHA 68.15 implementation
  • Royal Colleges of U.K. and Ireland collaborate to address global surgical disparities
  • COSECSA’s plans to address surgical shortages in Africa are explored
  • WACS’s goals of alleviating surgical workforce shortages are reported
  • The five WHA 68.15 areas of focus aimed at providing adequate global surgical and anesthesia care are highlighted
  • Mid-session state legislative activities are summarized


Bulletin June 2018June 2018

Volume 103, Issue 6

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • A model of military-civilian training is described
  • Content updates for ATLS 10th edition are identified
  • Board of Governors Survey describes ergonomic injuries and prevention strategies
  • PIH/ZL’s efforts to enhance surgical services in central Haiti are summarized
  • ACS trauma legislative priorities are highlighted


Bulletin July 2018July 2018

Volume 103, Issue 7

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • The evolution of TTP to Mastery of General Surgery Program is described
  • Graduates of the ACS Clinical Scholars are profiled
  • Summarizes history and current status of U.S. firearm policy
  • Identifies the link between communication proficiency and moral distress
  • Board of Governors Survey outlines the increasing role of APPs
  • Preliminary Program highlights sessions at Clinical Congress 2018


Bulletin August 2018August 2018

Volume 103, Issue 8

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • An introduction to the theme from the RAS Chair
  • A call to action for resident advocacy
  • Communicating with patients regarding trainee involvement in surgical care
  • The role of physician extenders
  • Surgical resident autonomy and contemporary trainees
  • Paradigms to facilitate autonomy in resident education
  • Perceptions of resident operative autonomy


Bulletin September 2018September 2018

Volume 103, Issue 9

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • The increasing presence of women in ACS leadership roles is described
  • A model for treating pediatric burn patients from LMICs it outlined
  • EHR usability challenges are summarized and a call to share experiences is issued
  • An opioids legislative report is provided
  • Recent ACS advocacy/grassroots activities are summarized


Bulletin October 2018October 2018

Volume 103, Issue 10

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • An update on the IPV task force is provided
  • The link between firearms access and IPV is described
  • Surgeon-scientist Dr. John Alverdy is profiled
  • The ethical conflict between patient rights and institutional policy is explored
  • 2018 state Lobby Days events are summarized


Bulletin November 2018November 2018

Volume 103, Issue 11

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • ACS leaders visit Israel
  • Locum tenens surgeons enhance access to quality care
  • Contributing factors to drug shortages are explored
  • 2018 Stop the Bleed advocacy initiatives are summarized
  • RAS-ACS Symposium essays consider the role of physician extenders
  • The legacy of Carrico Champions is highlighted


Bulletin December 2018December 2018

Volume 103, Issue 12

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • Dr. Maier’s Presidential Address identifies ways to sustain the profession
  • AHRQ ISCR program expands its scope
  • An overview of the 2019 IPPS final rule is provided
  • State legislative priorities for 2018 are reviewed
  • 2018 Executive Director’s Annual Report highlights ACS achievements over the last year
  • New series features articles from the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Symposium


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