We have compiled past issues of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and listed features for each issue. You can view the additional content and full issues of the Bulletin by clicking on PDF or Online.

Bulletin January 2017January 2017

Volume 102, Issue 1

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  • Reimbursement changes in 2017
    • The 2017 Medicare physician fee schedule: An overview of provisions that will affect surgical practice
    • 2017 CPT coding changes
  • The 2016 RAS-ACS annual Communications Committee essay contest: An introduction
  • First-place essay: Paying it forward: When the mentee becomes the mentor
  • Highlights of Clinical Congress 2016
  • ACS Officers, Regents, and Board of Governors’ Executive Committee


Bulletin February 2017February 2017

Volume 102, Issue 2

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  • Introduction: Olga M. Jonasson, MD, Lecture
  • The journey: Becoming a neurosurgeon and back again
  • Dream to become: Dr. Canady inspires an aspiring surgeon
  • How do we improve patient safety? A look at the issues and an interview with Dr. Britt
  • Above and beyond: A primer for young surgeons interested in global surgery
  • The art of the deposition: Teaching residents about medical liability


Bulletin March 2017March 2017

Volume 102, Issue 3

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • Evolving insights for preventing surgeon errors: Balancing professionalism and cognition with knowledge and skillIntroduction: Olga M. Jonasson, MD, Lecture
  • Patient-reported outcomes in surgery: Listening to patients improves quality of careThe journey: Becoming a neurosurgeon and back again
  • Value-based health care: How to succeed in a bundled care APM


Bulletin April 2017April 2017

Volume 102, Issue 4

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  • Using global surgical indicators to improve trauma care in Latin America
  • UM Ryder Trauma Center/ Israel fellowship program provides a model for global trauma training
  • QPP in 2017: Navigating the transition year
  • The future of trauma care on Capitol Hill: Implementing military-civilian trauma care and establishing a national trauma system
  • 2016 ACS International Governors Survey: Membership benefits and challenges for International Fellows are revealed in first-time study


Bulletin May 2017May 2017

Volume 102, Issue 5

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • Italian training program in Cameroon: A model for developing cultural competence
  • Trauma care funding, scope of practice, and cancer prevention lead state legislative agendas
  • Health care leaders develop strategies for improving access to surgical care in Latin America
  • 2016 ACS Governors Survey: Will acute care surgery change the surgical landscape?


Bulletin June 2017June 2017

Volume 102, Issue 6

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • An update on the College’s bleeding control initiative is provided
  • Young surgeon brings Stop the Bleed program to Rochester, NY
  • New adult trauma center in violence-besieged Chicago area will enhance patient experience
  • San Diego surgeon leads effort to provide access to care for uninsured patients
  • Board of Governors Survey reveals surgeons’ views on MACRA
  • Global surgery leaders develop plan to improve surgical, obstetric, and anesthesia care in Zambia


Bulletin July 2017July 2017

Volume 102, Issue 7

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • The surgeon’s role in combating the opioid epidemic is summarized
  • Describes how Global Surgery Indicator 1 addresses trauma care in Latin America
  • Freischlag describes challenges faced by surgeon-scientists
  • Shulman, new CoC Chair, is profiled
  • Board of Governors Survey reveals issues of concern by practice type
  • Preliminary Program highlights sessions at Clinical Congress 2017


Bulletin August 2017August 2017

Volume 102, Issue 8

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • ACS Resident and Associate Society: Surgeon stewardship of the opioid epidemic
    • The general surgeon’s role in enhancing patient education about prescription opioids
    • Postoperative opioid prescriptions: How surgeons can alleviate the opioid crisis
    • Surgeons and the opioid epidemic: Treatment and education strategies for the practicing surgeon
    • Surgical leadership is required to reverse the opioid crisis
    • Preoperative communication promotes opioid stewardship
  • Reframing surgical leadership in 2017: Surgeon-scientist or surgeon-advocate?


Bulletin September 2017September 2017

Volume 102, Issue 9

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • Federal legislative priorities ACS pushes forward on federal legislative priorities
  • Using advocacy to advance ACS policy priorities for surgeons and their patients
  • ACS Chapter Lobby Days Program: Surgeons work the halls of state capitols to advocate for the profession
  • Acute care surgery’s role in expanding the surgical workforce in Latin America
  • International volunteerism: Dr. Zalamea leads collaborative mission in the Philippines
  • The Global Tracheostomy Collaborative: Multidisciplinary quality improvement in tracheostomy care


Bulletin October 2017October 2017

Volume 102, Issue 10

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • A primer for developing violence intervention programs is described
  • ACS B/G survey reveals consensus for firearm prevention strategies
  • The ethical dilemma for allowing police access to trauma patients is explored
  • Organ Fellowship recipient reports on HVIP best practices
  • ACS COT uses a consensus-based approach to firearm injury


Bulletin November 2017November 2017

Volume 102, Issue 11

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • The advantages and disadvantages of investing in an ASC
  • A profile of Dr. Lewis describes his enduring impact on the ABS
  • Improving nursing workforce can improve trauma care in Latin America
  • RAS-ACS Symposium essays debate the future of surgical leadership
  • The evolving role of health information technology is explored


Bulletin December 2017December 2017

Volume 102, Issue 12

PDF | Interactive | Table of Contents

  • Dr. Bass’ Presidential Address describes the rewards and challenges of a surgical career
  • Insights from the ACS delegation to Cuba last spring outline the country’s health care challenges
  • Blockchain technology’s potential role in enhancing EHR interoperability is explored
  • State legislative priorities for 2016 are identified as are key issues for 2017
  • 2017 Executive Director’s Annual Report highlights ACS achievements over the last year


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