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Bulletin January 2015January 2015

Volume 100, Issue 1

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  • Reimbursement changes in 2015
    • 2015 Medicare fee schedule: How the changes will affect surgical practice
    • 2015 CPT coding changes will have mixed effects on payment for general surgeons
  • Universities form research partnership to improve care in Mozambique
  • Profiles in surgical research: Michael R. Harrison, MD, FACS
  • The 2014 RAS-ACS annual essay contest: When I want to quit and why I don’t


Bulletin February 2015February 2015

Volume 100, Issue 2

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  • Highlights of the 2014 Clinical Congress
  • The disruptive physician: Addressing the issues
  • Patient loss: Surgeons describe how they cope


Bulletin March 2015March 2015

Volume 100, Issue 3

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  • Welcome to the 114th Congress: The implications for surgery
  • New resources from the College offer alternative approaches to medical liability reform
  • Report from the Past-Chair of the Board of Regents: Fostering innovation at the ACS through strategic planning
  • To Bangalore and back: Resident leads software design effort at Indian heart hospital
  • Managing burnout: Seek outside help and foster a true work-life balance


Bulletin April 2015April 2015

Volume 100, Issue 4

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  • Big promise and big challenges for big health care data
  • State legislatures get back to work
  • The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery makes progress in first year of work: An update
  • Profiles in surgical research: Michael T. Longaker, MD, MBA, FACS
  • ACS and ASE develop Simulation-Based Surgical Skills Curriculum for medical students


Bulletin May 2015May 2015

Volume 100, Issue 5

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  • Strategies for sustainability: Going green in the OR
  • PreOp program: Can we achieve a “trickle-up” effect?
  • Surgeons develop visionary plan to bring corneal transplants to developing countries
  • American College of Surgeons Foundation: An Enduring Legacy, Annual Report 2014
  • Big promise and big challenges for big health care data


Bulletin June 2015June 2015

Volume 100, Issue 6

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  • Global Surgery 2030: An introduction
  • Global Surgery 2030: Evidence and solutions for achieving health, welfare, and economic development: Executive Summary of The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery Report
  • The Distinguished Philanthropist Award: Celebrating a legacy of exceptional giving
  • Brandeis University Heller Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management provides an education on the business side of surgery
  • Surgeons uncover the keys to life by performing classical music


Bulletin July 2015July 2015

Volume 100, Issue 7

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  • What’s next? The future of Medicare physician payment in the post-SGR era
  • The American Board of Surgery Maintenance of Certification Program: The first 10 years
  • The Hartford Consensus III: Implementation of Bleeding Control
  • Profiles in surgical research: Dorry L. Segev, MD, PhD, FACS


Bulletin August 2015August 2015

Volume 100, Issue 8

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  • RAS-ACS: Seeking success
  • Defining your own success: An introduction
  • Talking the talk: The keys to effective workplace communication
  • The RAS-ACS: Recruiting medical students and training future leaders
  • Teaching in the OR: New lessons for training surgical residents
  • Feedback fundamentals in surgical education: Tips for success
  • Political advocacy in surgery: The case for individual engagement
  • Surgeons and social media: Threat to professionalism or an essential part of contemporary surgical practice?
  • No quality without access: ACS and NIH collaborate to ensure access to optimal care


Bulletin September 2015September 2015

Volume 100, Issue 9

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  • ACS advocates on behalf of trauma patients: An update
  • Changes on the horizon for global services payment
  • The Mayne legacy: A look back at an influential charter member of the ACS
  • Dr. Beverley Ketel: Surgeon who brought transplant surgery to Peoria, IL, reflects on a fulfilling career


Bulletin October 2015October 2015

Volume 100, Issue 10

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  • Graduate of the first acute care surgery fellowship program reflects on the experience
  • Sharing clinical photographs: Patient rights, professional ethics, and institutional responsibilities
  • Advocacy and grassroots: Leveraging local issues at the national level
  • YFA Essay Contest winner: Promise of the profession: The chance to be human


Bulletin November 2015November 2015

Volume 100, Issue 11

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  • #ILookLikeASurgeon goes viral: How it happened
  • RAS-ACS Symposium essays—Social media: Threat to professionalism and privacy or essential for current surgical practice?
    • First-place essay—Pro: Social media: An essential tool for the academic surgeon
    • First-place essay—Con: The writing is on the (Facebook) wall: The threat posed by social media
  • Surgeons help with recovery after earthquake in Nepal
  • The College weighs in on leading health care issues
  • State lobby days provide opportunity to influence legislative action


Bulletin December 2015December 2015

Volume 100, Issue 12

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  • Presidential Address: Challenges for the second century
  • When silicone medical devices were under attack: A regulatory leviathan
  • Bariatric surgery, liability, and trauma: Key issues debated in state legislatures
  • Dr. Timothy Miller: A career in service to military, patients, veterans
  • Executive Director’s annual report


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