We have compiled past issues of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and listed features for each issue. You can view the additional content and full issues of the Bulletin by clicking on PDF or Online.

Bulletin January 2013January 2013

Volume 98, Issue 1

PDF | Table of Contents

  • 2013 payment policy and coding changes affecting surgical practice
  • 2012 state legislative wrap-up
  • 2011–2012: A year of reaffirming the College’s past and anticipating the needs of the future
  • Highlights of the 2012 Clinical Congress
  • Bulletin provides coverage of the dedication and inauguration of Murphy Memorial
  • ACS Officers, Regents, and Board of Governors’ Executive Committee

Bulletin February 2013February 2013

Volume 98, Issue 2

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Training the next generation of humanitarian surgeons
  • A win for all: Faculty-student partnerships in surgical humanitarianism
  • Pursuing a career in humanitarian and rural surgery: When is the best time to start?
  • Twitter usage at Clinical Congress rises markedly in two years
  • 2012 elections: $6 billion status quo
  • Centennial reprint: ACS Bulletin, March 1931: Committee on the Treatment of Fractures offers principles on caring for patients
  • ACS Foundation Annual Report

Bulletin March 2013March 2013

Volume 98, Issue 3

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Special issue: New approaches to liability reform
  • New approaches to liability reform: An introduction
  • AHRQ program promotes patient safety and liability reform
  • Medical mediation: Bringing everyone to the table
  • The University of Michigan’s Early Disclosure and Offer Program
  • New York State shows benefits of CRP demonstration project
  • Health courts may be best cure for what ails the liability system

Bulletin April 2013April 2013

Volume 98, Issue 4

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Emerging trends in lifelong learning: New directions for ACS surgical education programs
  • State legislative update: Lawmakers address prescribing practices and pill mills
  • Dr. Brendan C. Brady serves “invisible population” of migrant workers in upstate New York
  • ACS Fellows provide surgical leadership and service in India
  • Centennial reprint: 1942: ACS plays critical role in war effort

Bulletin May 2013May 2013

Volume 98, Issue 5

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act: How will they affect surgical care?
  • Surgical leadership in the era of quality-based payment
  • The 113th Congress: A look at the year ahead
  • Industry-sponsored clinical trials: The problem of conflicts of interest
  • Centennial reprint: 1952 Supreme Court decision prompts College action on fee splitting

Bulletin June 2013June 2013

Volume 98, Issue 6

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Initial management of mass-casualty incidents due to firearms: Improving survival
  • Improving Survival from Active Shooter Events: The Hartford Consensus
  • Surgeons bring RRT to patients in Guyana
  • Symptoms of normal recovery or complication: The risks of postoperative care
  • ACS scholarship recipients: Where are they now?
  • Physician personalities and burnout
  • Centennial reprint: ACS Fellow offers recommendations for avoiding “Death in a Ditch”

Bulletin July 2013July 2013

Volume 98, Issue 7

PDF | Table of Contents

  • The future of robotics: A dilemma for general surgeons
  • Who is behind the surgical drape? Understanding the role of anesthesiologist assistants
  • 100 years of surgical education: The past, present, and future
  • Maintenance of licensure moving forward
  • Centennial reprint: ACS launches program for surgeons to assess their knowledge
  • Clinical Congress 2013 Preliminary Program

Bulletin August 2013August 2013

Volume 98, Issue 8

PDF | Table of Contents

  • ACS Resident and Associate Society: Diving into the evolving demands of resident training
  • Hold the onions: Training in an era of heightened diversity and expectations
  • The role of politics in shaping surgical training
  • Improved communication techniques enable residents to provide better care now and in the future
  • International surgery provides opportunities for residents to serve and learn
  • Early surgical subspecialization: A new paradigm? Part I
  • Early surgical subspecialization: A new paradigm? Part II: Interviews with leaders in surgical education
  • Centennial reprint: Course coordinator describes purposes of ATLS® program

Bulletin September 2013September 2013

Volume 98, Issue 9

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Surgeons put planning, preparation, past experience to work in efforts to save Boston Marathon bombing victims
  • Active Shooter and Intentional Mass-Casualty Events: The Hartford Consensus Statement II
  • ACS Transition to Practice program offers residents additional opportunities to hone skills
  • Mandating the use of motorcycle helmets: What are the issues?
  • Online physician reviews: The good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Centennial reprint: 1988 report served as basis for the Medicare payment system

Bulletin October 2013October 2013

Volume 98, Issue 10

PDF | Table of Contents

  • SCORE provides residents with Web-based curriculum for developing key competencies
  • Chapter lobby days forge ahead in state capitals
  • Progress or retrogress? Status of the 113th Congress
  • Operating room crisis management leadership training: Guidance for surgical team education
  • Surgeons lead educational program to improve kidney care in Vietnam
  • Centennial reprint: The College’s ongoing commitment to the quality imperative

Bulletin November 2013November 2013

Volume 98, Issue 11

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Applying surgical apps: Smartphone and tablet apps prove useful in clinical practice
  • RAS-ACS Symposium essays: Residents debate pros and cons of online patient rankings
    • Choosing a physician in the Yelp era
    • Patient rankings: Why patient feedback should affect our delivery of care but not our pay
    • Patient feedback makes us better surgeons
    • Legislated mints on the pillow
  • The ACS NSQIP® Quality In-Training Initiative: Educating residents to ensure the future of optimal surgical care
  • IM nailing makes basketball player’s recovery a snap

Bulletin December 2013December 2013

Volume 98, Issue 12

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Presidential Address: The surgeon of the future: Anchoring innovation and science with moral values
  • Fellow pays tribute to ACS and citizen surgeons
  • Executive Director’s annual report
  • 2013 state legislative wrap-up
  • Get some rest: Minimizing the effects of sleep deprivation on patient care


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