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Bulletin January 2012January 2012

Volume 97, Issue 1

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Medical liability reform: Evidence for legislative and alternative approaches
  • Sanctity and organ donation’s societal value
  • Invited commentary: Sanctity and organ donation’s societal value in an opt-out country: The Austrian experience
  • CPT 2012 brings with it new codes and code changes
  • Highlights of the 97th Annual Clinical Congress

Bulletin February 2012February 2012

Volume 97, Issue 2

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Gynecologic oncology surgeons spare patients’ fertility, enhance quality of life
  • Maximizing postgraduate surgical education in the future
  • Learning about health care in Africa: A physician’s experience in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Confronting the ethics, myths, and legends of restrictive covenants in the era of the contract surgeon
  • Expectations for state legislatures in 2012

Bulletin March 2012March 2012

Volume 97, Issue 3

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Cultural competence: Why surgeons should care
  • A crisis in the ED: Liability protection needed STAT
  • Survey shows social media usage increasing among ACS Fellows
  • Setting the record straight: The real history of Poland’s syndrome

Bulletin April 2012April 2012

Volume 97, Issue 4

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Common origins: The two ACSs—100 years of collaboration to improve the lives of cancer patients
  • Cancer care closer to home: Dr. McKellar ensures rural patients get quality care
  • Surgeons experience more ergonomic stress in the OR
  • Recycling the retired surgeon: Surgical assisting—A Canadian’s perspective

Bulletin May 2012May 2012

Volume 97, Issue 5

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Leadership skills in the OR: Part I: Communication helps surgeons avoid pitfalls
  • Physician leadership and the future of surgical practice
  • Sustainable growth rate repeal: The bandages are running out
  • A heart-to-heart with cardiothoracic surgeon and TV host Dr. Oz
  • State of the states: Defining surgery
  • Joint statement by the ACS and SAGES on FLS completion for general surgeons who perform laparoscopy

Bulletin June 2012June 2012

Volume 97, Issue 6

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Public reporting of health care data: A new frontier in quality improvement
  • Joining Forces and the ACS: Dr. Holcomb dedicates career to improving trauma care for soldiers and civilians
  • Leadership skills in the OR: Part II: Recognizing disruptive behavior
  • Team approach minimizes risks in separating conjoined twins: An interview with Gary Hartman, MD, FACS

Bulletin July 2012July 2012

Volume 97, Issue 7

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Twenty-first century surgery: Have we entered uncharted waters?
  • Health information technology, meaningful use criteria, and their effects on surgeons
  • Enhancing American surgical training: Meeting the challenge of a globalizing world
  • ACS Board of Governors committee updates: Governors’ Committee on Chapter Relations
  • Governors’ Committee to Study the Fiscal Affairs of the College
  • ASSET: An effective educational experience for practicing surgeons
  • 2012 Clinical Congress Preliminary Program

Bulletin August 2012August 2012

Volume 97, Issue 8

PDF | Table of Contents

  • From the Chair of the RAS-ACS: Leadership skills continue to serve past RAS-ACS Chairs in their current roles
  • Surgical leadership and political advocacy
  • Advanced degrees for surgeons and their impact on leadership
  • Women leaders in surgery: Past, present, and future
  • Surgical leadership across generations
  • Surgery at the end of life: For love or money?
  • From battlefield to bedside—and back again
  • Training global surgery fellows

Bulletin September 2012September 2012

Volume 97, Issue 9

PDF | Table of Contents

  • ACS Futures Committee takes a good, hard look at the year 2025
  • The Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons: Keeping Fellows informed for nearly 100 years
  • American College of Surgeons Bulletin No. 1: Requirements for Admission to Fellowship
  • The near-death of a president, and the birth of a career: An interview with Dr. Napolitano
  • The ACS and the ABCs of how quality measures are established and implemented
  • Capt. Brad Cooper provides an update on Joining Forces initiative

Bulletin October 2012October 2012

Volume 97, Issue 10

PDF | Table of Contents

  • New approaches to surgical volunteerism
    • Task shifting overcomes the limitations of volunteerism in developing nations
    • Using telemedicine to strengthen medical systems in limited-resource countries
  • ACS takes a stand on policies impacting the surgical workforce
  • Why the 2012 elections matter to you—the surgeon
  • ACS Bulletin: 1919 Hospital Standardization Series report

Bulletin November 2012November 2012

Volume 97, Issue 11

PDF | Table of Contents

  • The critical state of graduate medical education funding
  • RAS Issues Symposium: Surgery at the end of life: For love or money?
    • An argument against heroic intervention
    • Reining in the scalpel
  • Enhancing surgical advocacy at the state level: The Day at the State Capitol grant program in action
  • Progress report: Northern California Chapter’s legislative activities
  • Short-term surgical missions make a difference: A life-changing case in Ibi, Nigeria
  • Cruise to South America: The College’s first international outreach effort

Bulletin December 2012December 2012

Volume 97, Issue 12

PDF | Table of Contents

  • Presidential Address: The next hundred years
  • The 112th Congress: The year in review
  • Controlling state health care costs: Massachusetts forges ahead
  • 2012 Executive Director’s annual report
  • A look at the College’s first registry: The Bone Sarcoma Registry


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