We have compiled past issues of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and listed features for each issue. You can view the additional content and full issues of the Bulletin by clicking on the month or cover image.

Bulletin January 2011January

Volume 96, Issue 1

  • Eye outreach program: Making an international impact
  • From jock to doc: Former NFL player uses team approach as a general surgery resident
  • West Virginia offers model to stop ill-conceived scope-of-practice legislation
  • Highlights of the 96th annual Clinical Congress
  • ACS Officers, Regents, and Board of Governors’ Executive Committee


Bulletin February 2011February

Volume 96, Issue 2

  • Olga M. Jonasson Lecture: Women in the professions
  • 2010 federal elections: ACSPA-SurgeonsPAC backs champions of surgical patients
  • 2010 state election outcomes
  • Advocating for state injury prevention laws
  • Revised statement on recommendations for use of real-time ultrasound guidance for placement of central venous catheters


Bulletin March 2011March

Volume 96, Issue 3

  • Negotiating the EHR vendor contract
  • Breaking down barriers for minorities and cancer patients: A profile of LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr.
  • Invigorating a state ACS chapter: The Georgia experience
  • Using simulation to train oncology surgeons: Gynecologic oncologists practice OR’s touch, feel—and pressures


Bulletin April 2011April

Volume 96, Issue 4

  • Surgeons, other providers take the lead on integrating health care services
  • The USS George Washington medical department: Medicine in motion
  • The quest for significance
  • Operation Hernia in Carpenter, Northern Ghana
  • Statement on the physician acting as an expert witness


Bulletin May 2011May

Volume 96, Issue 5

  • The strategic planning experience of the Michigan Chapter
  • Rep. Larry Bucshon, MD, brings surgical perspective to public policy
  • Advanced en-route critical care during combat operations
  • Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li: Little by little, the bird makes its nest
  • The ACS HPRI: Shaping surgical workforce policy through evidence-based analyses


Bulletin June 2011June

Volume 96, Issue 6

  • Telemedicine consultation for emergency trauma: The 130 million square foot trauma room
  • Disclosing sleep: An ethical challenge from the e-FACS.org Ethical Issues in Surgery community
  • Elias S. Hanna, MD, FACS, opens his heart to patients the world over
  • Extremes of age: Surprising similarities of pediatric and geriatric surgery
  • Health care integration: Will physicians lose their voice?


Bulletin July 2011July

Volume 96, Issue 7

  • Using social media to enhance surgeon and patient education and communication
  • Beyond volunteerism: Augmenting surgical care in resource-limited settings
  • The state of medical liability reform
  • 2011 Clinical Congress Preliminary Program


Bulletin August 2011August

Volume 96, Issue 8

  • Bariatric surgery studies exemplify the ACS’ commitment to Inspiring Quality
  • From the Chair of the RAS-ACS: The best time to be a surgeon
  • When things go wrong
  • Stress, burnout, and maladaptive coping: Strategies for surgeon well-being
  • Financial planning for residents
  • The psychosocial toll of a surgical career
  • The future of surgery: Autonomy or employment?
  • Do more requirements make a better surgeon?
  • Surgical lifestyles: The “write” stuff: An interview with columnist and author Pauline W. Chen, MD, FACS


Bulletin September 2011September

Volume 96, Issue 9

  • ACS launches Inspiring Quality tour in Chicago
  • Hospital puts ACS NSQIP® to the test and improves patient safety
  • Is there a role for race in science and medicine?
  • ACS eases the pain of providing palliative care
  • Accountable care organizations: A primer for surgeons
  • Governors’ Committee on Surgical Infections and Environmental Risks: An update


Bulletin October 2011October

Volume 96, Issue 10

  • When does EMTALA’s stabilization requirement end?
  • CoC Chair reflects on evolution of cancer care: New patient-centered standards represent another milestone
  • Palliative intervention in Ethiopia: The challenges and rewards of medical missionary work
  • Governors’ Committee on Physician Competency and Health: An update


Bulletin November 2011November

Volume 96, Issue 11

  • 2011 state legislative wrap-up
  • Surgical volunteerism in Vietnam: Surgeons and educators strengthen the U.S.-Vietnam relationship
  • Third annual RAS essay contest: My experience with a dying patient


Bulletin December 2011December

Volume 96, Issue 12

  • 2011 Executive Director’s annual report
  • A year of inspiring change
  • Presidential Address: Stewardship of our profession
  • American College of Surgeons Foundation Annual Report 2010–2011
  • Reflections on early surgical contributions to palliative care


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