We have compiled past issues of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and listed features for each issue. You can view the additional content and full issues of the Bulletin by clicking on the month or cover image.

Bulletin January 2010January

Volume 95, Issue 1

  • The role of civilian surgical teams in response to international disasters
  • 2010 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule final rule contains important changes
  • Meeting the challenge—A surgeon-centered quality program: The American Society of Breast Surgeons Mastery of Breast Surgery Pilot Program
  • Highlights of the 95th annual Clinical Congress
  • ACS Officers and Regents

Bulletin February 2010February

Volume 95, Issue 2

  • Improve your advocacy skills by attending the 2010 JSAC in July
  • Surgical lifestyles: To serve and protect: An interview with a surgeon-SWAT cop
  • On the importance of role models: The views of a senior surgeon
  • Pacific Partnership: A U.S. Navy resident’s experience on the USNS Mercy in Southeast Asia
  • Dangers of postoperative opioids: Is there a cure?
  • Statement on high-performance teams

Bulletin March 2010March

Volume 95, Issue 3

  • 10 questions and answers about disasters and disaster response
  • Surgical lifestyles: Heart and soul: A surgeon rebuilds his life after a cardiac crisis
  • Bullets, betel nut, and bacteria: Medicine in the Solomon Islands
  • Surgical megafauna

Bulletin April 2010April

Volume 95, Issue 4

  • Surgical lifestyles: An orthopaedic surgeon in space: An interview with Robert Satcher, MD, PhD
  • Rural surgeons—We must grow our own
  • Rural surgeons—We must grown our own: A response
  • Medicare physician reimbursement: Is the SGR’s end in sight?
  • Is the generalist surgeon obsolete? The impact of the general surgeon shortage on global health

Bulletin May 2010May

Volume 95, Issue 5

  • The difficult or disruptive surgical patient: Practical strategies for diagnosis and management
  • Responding to the difficult patient
  • Dealing with the difficult family: Lessons from palliative care
  • Risk management perspective on the difficult patient and family
  • Checklists for success inside the OR and beyond: An interview with Atul Gawande, MD, FACS

Bulletin June 2010June

Volume 95, Issue 6

  • Surgeons respond to the needs of a broken nation
  • Haiti impressions: January 23–26 and January 28–February 3, 2010
  • Health care reform becomes law—with room for improvement
  • Development of the Medical and Surgical Simulation Institute: Accra Ghana, West Africa
  • Who said that midterm elections aren’t interesting?

Bulletin July 2010July

Volume 95, Issue 7

  • Health care policy and the future of surgery
  • Health care policy and advocacy: A call to arms for residents and associates
  • The modern history of U.S. health care reform: A primer for practicing surgeons, residents, and associate fellows
  • Preparing surgeons for a seat at the health care policy table: A proposal for a longitudinal health care policy curriculum during surgical training
  • Addressing workforce issues with foreign medical graduates
  • Modern surgical communication and the practice of surgery
  • Do more requirements make a better surgeon?
  • 2010 Clinical Congress Preliminary Program

Bulletin August 2010August

Volume 95, Issue 8

  • Training for a rural surgical career: The reflections of two Gundersen Lutheran graduates
  • Round-trip service: Commentary
  • From scalpel to console: A suggested model for surgical skill acquisition
  • Governors’ Committee on Chapter Activities: An update
  • Governors’ Committee on Physician Competency and Health: An update
  • Governors’ Committee to Study the Fiscal Affairs of the College: An update

Bulletin September 2010September

Volume 95, Issue 9

  • College advocates for ensuring quality eye care for America’s veterans
  • Preparing for the Maintenance of Certification examination
  • Experience in Haiti allows College to better prepare for future crises
  • Second annual RAS essay contest: Volunteerism
  • Governors’ Committee on Surgical Infections and Environmental Risks: An update

Bulletin October 2010October

Volume 95, Issue 10

  • A challenging year
  • Thoughts as I leave office
  • The quest for sustainable trauma funding: The Georgia story
  • Leadership opportunities in a more institution-based health care environment
  • Physicians and surgeons as board trustees: Be careful what you wish for
  • Governors’ Committee on Surgical Practice: An update
  • Governors’ Committee on Socioeconomic Issues: An update

Bulletin November 2010November

Volume 95, Issue 11

  • Surgical lifestyles: A view from the cockpit: Surgeon and pilot Richard C. Karl, MD, FACS, promotes aviation safety in the OR
  • American College of Surgeons Foundation Annual Report 2009–2010
  • 2010 state legislative wrap-up
  • Spotlight on a U.S. Army surgeon: Interview with MAJ Jennifer Gurney, MD, FACS
  • Statement on health care disparities

Bulletin December 2010December

Volume 95, Issue 12

  • Executive Director’s annual report
  • Presidential Address: ACS: A legacy of leadership
  • The ACS plays an active role in initial implementation of the ACA
  • The ACS plays an active role in initial implementation of the ACA


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