We have compiled past issues of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and listed features for each issue. You can view the additional content and full issues of the Bulletin by clicking on the month or cover image.

Bulletin January 2008January

Volume 93, Issue 1

  • Project Access: Giving back at home
  • Current Procedural Terminology: Changes for 2008
  • Highlights of the 93rd annual Clinical Congress
  • Project New Orleans
  • Report of the Chair of the Board of Regents
  • Report of the Chair of the Board of Governors
  • Report of the Executive Director
  • ACS Officers and Regents

Bulletin February 2008February

Volume 93, Issue 2

  • Hospice and palliative medicine: Surgeons effectively push for new specialty
  • Symposium considers the art of medicine at the end of life
  • The art of medicine at the end of life: A surgeon’s point of view
  • The art of medicine at the end of life: The challenges ahead
  • Final phase of the Stark regulations takes effect: How we got here

Bulletin March 2008March

Volume 93, Issue 3

  • The coming era of too few physicians
  • The impact of transparency on patient safety and liability
  • Risk management programs: A means to lower premiums

Bulletin April 2008April

Volume 93, Issue 4

  • The College’s Division of Advocacy and Health Policy: An overview
  • “The best and worst week of my life”: A surgeon at war
  • Emphasis on public reporting of health care data intensifies
  • A humanitarian effort by the department of surgery of the USUHS to a third-world country: The Philippines

Bulletin May 2008May

Volume 93, Issue 5

  • The practice of locum tenens: Views of a senior surgeon
  • The practice of locum tenens: Commentary
  • Measuring patient experiences of care
  • Building a successful residency program: Insights from an award-winning program director

Bulletin June 2008June

Volume 93, Issue 6

  • Medicine in a vortex: Quantity versus quality
  • Georgia on our minds: General surgery wins fight for recognition
  • Contemporary surgeons bring technical and cognitive skills to patient care: A patterns of care survey
  • From residency to clinical ownership: Reflections of a young thoracic surgeon

Bulletin July 2008July

Volume 93, Issue 7

  • From the Chair of RAS-ACS: Training in essential nonclinical skills
  • The economics of health care: Is it threatening surgical education?
  • Mentoring the modern surgeon
  • The virtual surgeon: Using medical simulation to train the modern surgical resident
  • General surgery training and the demise of the general surgeon
  • Teaching and assessing the ACGME competencies in surgical residency
  • Teaching surgery to medical students: Perspectives from our mentees
  • Three decades of service in public health: An interview with C. Everett Koop
  • Clinical Congress redesigned to address current and future needs of participants
  • 2008 Clinical Congress Preliminary Program

Bulletin August 2008August

Volume 93, Issue 8

  • The surgical workforce crisis in Africa: A call to action
  • Reduce your risk by managing patient expectations
  • Paging all doctors: Surgery needed in Congress
  • Stand up for patients
  • Statement on the physician acting as an expert witness

Bulletin September 2008September

Volume 93, Issue 9

  • Surgeon leads pediatric disaster planning initiative
  • Transformational change in health care: Identifying the current state and future state
  • Surgeons Diversified Investment Fund: Two years later
  • Mommy, Daddy, are we rich?
  • Improve your financial health: Sessions of special interest at the 2008 Clinical Congress
  • The Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery: Its time has come
  • Statement on use of cell phones in the operating room
  • Statement on recommendations for uniform use of real-time ultrasound guidance for placement of central venous catheters

Bulletin October 2008October

Volume 93, Issue 10

  • Professionalism and ethics in the current resident training paradigm
  • The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers: Quality improvement through interdisciplinary evaluation and management
  • CMS announces quality and regulatory changes in the final 2009 Inpatient Prospective Payment System rule
  • Developing leadership skills: A resident’s perspective

Bulletin November 2008November

Volume 93, Issue 11

  • Fahad’s journey
  • ACS Practice Patterns Survey, Part II: Prescribing habits among surgical specialties
  • Into the theater: Perspectives from a civilian trauma surgeon’s visit to the Combat Support Hospital in Balad, Iraq
  • 2008 state legislative activity

Bulletin December 2008December

Volume 93, Issue 12

  • American College of Surgeons Statement on Health Care Reform
  • Lessons from victory and possibilities for reform: A recent history of Medicare advocacy efforts
  • Navigating the perfect storm


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