We have compiled past issues of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and listed features for each issue. You can view the additional content and full issues of the Bulletin by clicking on the month or cover image.

Bulletin January 2007January

Volume 92, Issue 1

  • ACS Closed Claims Study reveals critical failures to communicate
  • Current Procedural Terminology: Changes for 2007
  • Highlights of the 92nd annual Clinical Congress
  • Report of the Chair of the Board of Regents
  • Report of the Chair of the Board of Governors
  • Report of the Executive Director
  • ACS Officers and Regents

Bulletin February 2007February

Volume 92, Issue 2

  • Rural surgical practice: A personal perspective
  • 2006 midterm elections bring dramatic change
  • Report from the Committee on Diversity Issues
  • Addressing disparities in surgical care

Bulletin March 2007March

Volume 92, Issue 3

  • The future of surgical simulation and surgical robotics
  • IOM and ACS warn of the impending crisis in emergency care: Emergency departments overwhelmed, underfunded, and dangerously fragmented
  • Using medical malpractice closed claims data to reduce surgical risk and improve patient safety
  • Surgical lifestyles: Surgeon melds music and medicine
  • Program for Accreditation of Education Institutes continues to grow

Bulletin April 2007April

Volume 92, Issue 4

  • Surgery’s 2007 federal advocacy agenda
  • Staying safe: Simple tools for safe surgery
  • Surgical lifestyles: Retired surgeon is now a “clock doctor”
  • The economics of managed care reimbursement: A rationale for nonparticipation
  • Statement on surgery using lasers, pulsed light, radiofrequency devices, or other techniques

Bulletin May 2007May

Volume 92, Issue 5

  • Is opting out of Medicare the answer? Surgical practices struggle with the ultimate question
  • Surgery in developing countries: Should surgery have a role in population-based health care?
  • Air medical transport safety
  • Facing the daily grind: How surgeons might cope with burnout
  • Statement on emergency surgical care

Bulletin June 2007June

Volume 92, Issue 6

  • Indian Health Service: Providing care to Native Americans and Alaska Natives
  • The ACS Case Log System: A key tool for surgical self-evaluation, privileging, and maintenance of certification
  • The ACS Surgical Quality Alliance: Specialty societies improving quality for the surgical patient
  • Surgical research and the new privacy laws
  • The COT’s Resident Papers Competition: Promoting careers in trauma surgery

Bulletin July 2007July

Volume 92, Issue 7

  • From the Chair of RAS-ACS: The voices of young surgeons
  • The ACS Case Log System: A key tool for surgical self-evaluation, privileging, and maintenance of certification
  • The future of the American College of Surgeons: Uniting two perspectives
  • The road to innovation: Emerging technologies in surgery
  • The globalization of surgery: Surpassing the frontiers
  • International medical graduates in American surgery: Past, present, future
  • New trends and developments in fellowship training
  • New ways of practicing surgery: Alternatives and challenges
  • Congressman Michael Burgess, MD: The necessity of physician involvement in the political process
  • College recognizes ACS NSQIP hospitals
  • 2007 Clinical Congress preliminary program

Bulletin August 2007August

Volume 92, Issue 8

  • 21 years of reinvention: Dennis O’Leary, MD, discusses the past and future of The Joint Commission
  • Civilian hospital response to mass casualty events: Basic principles
  • The American College of Surgeons Bariatric Surgery Center Network: Establishing standards
  • Surgical lifestyles: The singing surgeon
  • Statement on the surgical workforce

Bulletin September 2007September

Volume 92, Issue 9

  • Surgery in a disaster: Assessing the lessons of the Katrina event
  • Access: The key concept for the ACSPA-SurgeonsPAC
  • Do barrier drapes reduce surgical site infections?
  • SDIF: One year later
  • Surgical lifestyles: Surgeon doctors cars
  • Program for Accreditation of Education Institutes continues to grow

Bulletin October 2007October

Volume 92, Issue 10

  • The value of surgeons teaching anatomy to first-year medical students
  • The Medicare trigger: What rising program costs could mean for surgery
  • Loupes Around the World: Helping surgeons in developing countries
  • Governors’ Committee to Study the Fiscal Affairs of the College: An update
  • Governors’ Committee on Socioeconomic Issues: An update
  • Governors’ Committee on Surgical Practice in Hospitals and Ambulatory Settings: An update
  • Statement on sharps safety

Bulletin November 2007November

Volume 92, Issue 11

  • The surgical hospitalist: A new solution for emergency surgical care?
  • Trauma funding for Tennessee: The incredible journey
  • 2007 state legislative activity
  • Evidence-Based Reviews in Surgery to begin its seventh year
  • A roadmap to safe surgical care: A view from Pennsylvania
  • Governors’ Committee on Blood-Borne Infection and Environmental Risk: An update
  • Governors’ Committee on Physician Competency and Health: An update

Bulletin December 2007December

Volume 92, Issue 12

  • Presidential Address: Competence, safety, quality: The path of the 21st century
  • Performance measures and the practicing surgeon
  • First trauma Verification Review Committee site visit outside the U.S.: Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany
  • Dispatch from Landstuhl
  • Statement on the physician acting as an expert witness


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