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Bulletin January 2006January

Volume 91, Issue 1

  • Introducing e-FACS.org: College launches Web portal for its members
  • Current Procedural Terminology: Changes for 2006
  • Highlights of the 91st annual Clinical Congress
  • Report of the Chair of the Board of Regents
  • Report of the Chair of the Board of Governors
  • Report of the Executive Director
  • ACS Officers and Regents


Bulletin February 2006February

Volume 91, Issue 2

  • Error reduction through team leadership: Applying aviation’s CRM model in the OR
  • Voluntary quality reporting program initiated for physicians
  • Political crisis and access to health care: A Nepalese neurosurgical experience
  • Fire-safe cigarettes: Reducing the hazards of smoking
  • Statement in support of legislation regarding fire-safe cigarettes


Bulletin March 2006March

Volume 91, Issue 3

  • Accreditation of education institutes by the American College of Surgeons: A new program following an old tradition
  • A new tool for professional development: The ACS Case Log System
  • ACS and AMA: Different organizations working together
  • In their own words: Serving as an ACS delegate to the AMA
  • Surgical lifestyles: Cross-country cancer advocacy on a bicycle
  • Ten specialty boards report accomplishments and plans, Part I


Bulletin April 2006April

Volume 91, Issue 4

  • Hurricane Katrina: Surgeon survivors recount days of calamity and camaraderie
  • Transitions in surgical training: The path to surgical leadership in the making of a “good” surgeon
  • Doctors for Medical Liability Reform: 2005 update and prospects for 2006
  • Role of the rural general surgeon in a statewide trauma system: The Wyoming experience
  • Ten specialty boards report accomplishments and plans, Part II


Bulletin May 2006May

Volume 91, Issue 5

  • Time to lend a hand: A proposal for a military medical think tank
  • America needs a new system of medical justice
  • Surgical lifestyles: Retirees reflect
  • Surgical lifestyles: My last stitch
  • Surgical lifestyles: The privilege of caring: An open letter to medical students everywhere
  • Expanding advocacy activities in state affairs
  • Surgery and global health: The perspective of UCSF residents on training, research, and service
  • Surgery and global health: A mandate for training, research, and service—A faculty perspective from the UCSF


Bulletin June 2006June

Volume 91, Issue 6

  • From the surgical suite to the state capitol: Fellows elected to state and local posts
  • Surgical patient education: Transformation to a system that supports full patient participation
  • Surgical lifestyles: Discovering life’s “chapter two” after surgery
  • Error reduction through team leadership: Seven principles of CRM applied to surgery
  • “Lion heart”: Saleh Khalef
  • Governors’ Committee on Chapter Activities: Update
  • Management of complex extremity trauma


Bulletin July 2006July

Volume 91, Issue 7

  • Report on the activities of the RAS-ACS
  • Nostalgia—The enemy of progress in the new era of surgery: An introduction to special contributions from the Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons
  • The surgical training gap: The new era of the surgical trainee
  • New trends in general surgery training: Creating new training environments to maximize the resident experience
  • Impact of fellowships on surgical training
  • The elusiveness of mentorship for surgeons: Prologue
  • The pathway to mentorship
  • Filling mentorship voids
  • Epilogue: Why does mentorship fail?
  • Acute care surgery: Enhancing outcomes or fragmenting care?
  • 2006 Clinical Congress preliminary program


Bulletin August 2006August

Volume 91, Issue 8

  • A growing crisis in patient access to emergency surgical care
  • Surgeon, heal thyself
  • Anesthesiologist assistants: Making the operating room more accessible and manageable
  • ACS leadership in the field of sport concussion
  • Statement on principles of patient education


Bulletin September 2006September

Volume 91, Issue 9

  • State legislatures wrap it up for 2006
  • Rank and file weighs in on trauma and general surgery issues: Results from a survey of ACS Fellows
  • Fundamentals of prudent investing
  • Finance update
  • SAM holds organizational meeting: Working to advise the College’s new mutual fund
  • Improve your financial health: Sessions of special interest at the 2006 Clinical Congress
  • Statement on insurance, alcohol-related injuries, and trauma centers


Bulletin October 2006October

Volume 91, Issue 10

  • Building a safer system is a priority for AMA president, William G. Plested III
  • Surgeons on the move: “All politics is local”: The importance of grassroots advocacy
  • Surgeons on the move: The power of organization: A report on the experience of the Indiana Obesity Coalition
  • Reply to a trial lawyer
  • Surgeon works to manage medicine across vast distances


Bulletin November 2006November

Volume 91, Issue 11

  • A growing crisis in patient access to emergency care: A different interpretation and alternative solutions
  • Health care competition in Georgia: Still restricted for general surgeons
  • Error reduction through team leadership: The surgeon as a leader
  • Equipment for ambulances
  • Program for Accreditation of Education Institutes becomes a reality
  • Murphy Memorial Building restored


Bulletin December 2006December

Volume 91, Issue 12

  • Presidential Address: The role of a mentor in creating a surgical way of life
  • Surgery’s future under Medicare? The College proposes effort to reform Medicare payment structure
  • Surgical lifestyles: From the operating room to the stables: Surgeon “makes rounds” at ranch


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