Call for nominations for ACS Secretary and Treasurer positions

The 2019 Nominating Committee of the Board of Regents (NCBR) will be selecting nominees for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer of the American College of Surgeons (ACS). The deadline for submitting nominations is May 6, 2019.

Position responsibilities

The responsibilities of these two positions are as follows:

  • The Secretary shall oversee the minutes of the annual meetings of the members, give notices in accordance with the provisions of law and the Bylaws of the ACS, keep the records and corporate seal, and perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the Board of Regents. The Secretary has the co-responsibility with the Executive Director to provide such oversight.
  • The Treasurer shall oversee, in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, the funds of the College under the supervision of the Finance Committee and shall make such reports to the Finance Committee, the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents, and the Board of Regents as may be required. The Treasurer will attend the meetings of the Board of Regents and will have a reporting relationship to both the Finance Committee and the Executive Director. The College shall purchase a bond or insurance coverage to ensure the faithful performance of the duties of the office of Treasurer. In the absence or inability to act as the Treasurer, the duties of the Treasurer shall be performed by such person and in such manner as the Finance Committee may direct.

Criteria for consideration

The NCBR will use the following guidelines when considering potential candidates:

  • Nominees must be loyal members of the College who have demonstrated outstanding integrity and medical statesmanship, along with an unquestioned devotion to the highest principles of surgical practice.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated leadership qualities that might be reflected by service and active participation on ACS committees or in other components of the College.
  • Members of the NCBR recognize the importance of achieving representation of all who practice surgery.
  • The College encourages consideration of women and other underrepresented minorities.

All nominations must include a letter of recommendation, an up-to-date curriculum vitae, and a personal statement from the candidate detailing ACS service and the name of one individual who can serve as a reference. Any attempt to contact members of the NCBR by a candidate or on behalf of a candidate will be viewed negatively and may result in disqualification. Applications submitted without the requested information will not be considered.

Submit nominations to If you have questions, contact Lynese L. Kelley, Director of Leadership Operations for the NCBR, at or 312-202-5203.

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