Underused resources every ACS member should know about

Webinar presentation topics

  • The Art of Negotiation
  • Basic Principles of Coding and Reimbursement for Young Surgeons
  • Becoming Your Own Boss: Tips for Starting Your Own Surgical Practice
  • Being a Leader Within Your Hospital and on Your Medical Staff
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • Contract Negotiations: Advice and Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Cultivating the Next Generation of Surgeon-Scientists
  • Disability Insurance from the ACS Insurance Program
  • Domestic Volunteerism: Options for Young Surgeons Who Want to Help
  • Drug Shortages: The Problem, Possible Causes, and Future Directions
  • Functional Ergonomics for Surgeons: Protect Your Neck and Your Career
  • Global Surgery for the Young Surgeon
  • Marketing for the Young Surgeon: Why Understanding Marketing Is Important
  • Mindfulness and Work-Life Balance for the Busy Surgeon
  • Patients in the Know: Impact on Recovery
  • Preparing a Top-Notch Fellowship Application
  • Principles of Leadership for the Young Surgeon
  • Protect Your Online Reputation
  • Safety, Wellness, and Logistics for the Pregnant Surgeon
  • Seeking Mentorship and Ascending the Academic/Private Practice Ladder
  • Transcare for the Transgender Patient in the Surgeon’s Office
  • Understanding the Difference Between Leadership and Power

This month’s column features three different sets of resources developed specifically for members of the American College of Surgeons (ACS).

Over the past year, the Resident and Associate Society (RAS-ACS) produced a comprehensive webinar series for young surgeons. More than 100 members participated in each live webinar, but did you know that the archived versions can be viewed for free?

In addition, the members of the ACS Board of Governors (B/G), who represent members of the College in their state, region, or specialty, work to create useful tools for surgeons. In the past year, the B/G has released a series of training presentations directed at residents and others.

The College also offers a variety of discount programs that benefit our members. These affinity programs include partnerships that the ACS has established to provide special rates and services to our members. These programs may not be something most members  associate with the ACS, but a brief review of what’s available may spark your interest.

Webinars for young surgeons

The RAS-ACS webinar series is targeted at young surgeons who are starting their practice in private or academic surgical medicine. These webinars, which run up to 60 minutes, take a deep dive into career path choices and strategies, best practices for navigating the career ladder, and managing personal life and wellness. They provide young surgeons with new strategies and tools on relevant topics, are presented live by subject matter experts, and are accessible to ACS members free of charge. Enjoy interaction with the presenter in a live format or view the webinar later when your schedule permits. These brief, yet informative, educational programs are accessible for one year after the event on the ACS website.

Visit the RAS-ACS website to view and sign up for upcoming webinars.

B/G resources for members

The B/G released several new tools. One example is a standardized letter of recommendation for medical students available on the ACS website. It’s never too early to begin thinking about those medical students who may be asking you to write a letter of recommendation for their residency application, and it’s best to draft that letter while the student’s performance is fresh in your memory. To help ensure that you cover all of the salient points, the B/G created this standardized letter, which covers all of the key points you’d like to address when recommending a medical student for residency. It is recommended that you download the letter template so that you have access to it when needed.

The B/G also has developed an Onboarding Checklist for Surgeons which offers action items for consideration by a new surgeon, and the surgeon, group, or hospital hiring a surgeon. The list is divided into items regarding preparation for practice life and items related to an employment contract, which are intended to serve as guidelines for discussion—not  mandatory requirements. Some material in the “Preparation for practice life” section may be included in a contract.

Although many surgeons have had input, the list is not exhaustive and will be updated as necessary. The College encourages you to download the checklist and keep it handy for when you are starting or joining a practice or hiring a new surgeon.

In addition, the B/G has developed four teaching modules for use by faculty that address key topics relevant to training residents and others. Each presentation can be downloaded free of charge from the B/G Resources web page. Modules available at present include the following:

  • Clinical Teaching: The Teachable Moment—a 21-slide PowerPoint presentation
  • Giving Constructive Feedback—a 41-slide PowerPoint presentation
  • Intraoperative Teaching—a 33-slide PowerPoint presentation
  • Teaching Millennials—a 22-slide PowerPoint presentation

ACS affinity programs

Many members don’t realize that the ACS offers a variety of discounted affinity programs to its members. The ACS discount programs include exclusive members-only discounts and benefits on rental cars from AVIS, medical liability insurance coverage from The Doctors Company, an ACS credit card and personal checking account from Bank of America, free admission to museums across the country, discounted titles from the publisher Springer, and access to informed consent documents for a range of surgical procedures. In addition to these benefits, we offer a full suite of ACS Insurance Program products. The newest additions to our affinity program offerings are American International Group (AID) property and casualty insurance and Collette Travel. Visit the ACS website for more information.

AIG Private Client Group property and casualty insurance products are designed to help protect and minimize threats to the personal assets and safety of policyholders. With an integrated approach toward insurance, AIG strives to reduce the cost and magnitude of risk for policyholders.

AIG Private Client Group offers insurance solutions for a variety of coverage needs, including the following:

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Personal excess liability
  • Auto insurance
  • Private collections insurance
  • Yacht insurance

AIG Private Client Group can help safeguard both your assets and your way of life with a complimentary insurance review to help identify gaps in your current coverage. Visit the AIG website for ACS members to sign up for ACS member discounts.

What’s to come

All members are encouraged to review and take advantage of these resources. Throughout the year, this column will offer more information about ACS resources, including a series of brief essays developed by the B/G that address the following topics:

  • How to obtain work/life balance during the early practice years
  • Flash points in contract negotiation: Potential areas of contention
  • Best advice on strategic resource negotiation when starting a surgical practice
  • Coding pearls
  • How to build referrals
  • Conflict resolution
  • Top 10 things to avoid in your first years of practice

The ACS Division of Member Services anticipates that as you review these benefits, you will find something that is useful to you in your practice or personal life. For details about any of these items, contact Connie Bura, Associate Director, Division of Member Services, at cbura@facs.org.

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