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David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking forward – May 2017

Dr. Hoyt describes the recently updated Surgeon Specific Registry, which will help surgeons more easily comply with regulatory mandates and ultimately will be a key element of a fully integrated platform for ACS clinical databases.

Figure 1. Map of cameroon and location of Saint-Luc Hospital

Italian training program in Cameroon: A model for developing cultural competence

The authors describe a training program aimed at improving cultural competency among surgery residents in Italy, as well as current and future barriers facing the rotation

Illustration: Mississippi state capitol dome. Photo: Nagel Photography/

Trauma care funding, scope of practice, and cancer prevention lead state legislative agendas

Summarizes developments in state legislation and identifies the resources available to surgeons who want to participate in regional advocacy efforts.

Unique Challenges in Latin America: Left: In Anamã, Amazonas, Brazil, the hospital doors are removed from their frames and labeled in preparation for annual flooding Right: Water levels in Careiro da Várzea; Photos by Dr. José Emerson dos Santos Souza, as part of a systematic assessment of the surgical capacity in the state of Amazonas, Brazil

Health care leaders develop strategies for improving access to surgical care in Latin America

The efforts of a multiregional Latin America symposium, which seeks to implement recommendations from The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, are described, including strategies for improving access to affordable surgical care.

Figure 1. Summary of survey respondents by career category

2016 ACS Governors Survey: Will acute care surgery change the surgical landscape?

Surgeons’ views on the impact of acute care surgery on patient care and general surgery practice, based on the findings of the 2016 ACS Governors Survey, are summarized.

ACS seal

American College of Surgeons 2017 statement on health care reform

The ACS has developed a statement on health care reform featuring four core principles that should be reflected in any related legislation.

Figure 1. Transfusion before and after intervention

Practice changes lower rates of transfusion, superficial SSI, and morbidity

Researchers at Golisano Children’s Hospital (GCH), University of Rochester, NY, conducted a quality improvement project to determine best practices for reducing pediatric general and pediatric orthopaedic morbidity and mortality due to transfusion and surgical site infection-related complications.

Principles of leadership for the young surgeon

Effective leadership skills for leading a team and advocating for patients are summarized.

Figure 1. Prostate cancer choice tool

Interventions to promote better conversations about initial treatment for prostate cancer

Decision aids to enhance conversations with minority males entering prostate cancer treatment are described.

Dr. Ladd (Photo: Boston Children’s Hospital Archives, MA)

The Halifax Explosion and the unofficial birth of pediatric surgery

Dr. Ladd’s involvement in the Halifax Explosion and the launch of pediatric surgery as a specialty is highlighted.

Figure 1. 11 tenets of a safety culture

Leadership is crucial to establishing safety culture, reducing adverse events

Developing a culture of safety begins with incorporating lessons learned from adverse events and near misses in order to prevent future harm.

Figure 1. Hospital discharge status

I broke my neck: Femur fractures

This month’s column examines the occurrence of femoral neck fractures in the National Trauma Data Bank® (NTDB®) research dataset.

Dr. McGrath

ACS Board of Regents approves new Foundation officers

The ACS Board of Regents approved new officers of the ACS Foundation Board of Directors at the Regents’ February meeting in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Ford (center) and Dr. Marx (left)

Dr. Henri Ford accorded honorary fellowship in RCSEng

Henri Ford, MD, FACS, member of the ACS Board of Regents, was accorded Honorary Fellowship in the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSEng) on March 7 in London, U.K.


Coming next month in JACS and online now: Personal and professional well-being of surgical residents in New England

This news brief highlights a JACS article that examines the well-being of surgical residents in New England.

American College of Surgeons

Report on ACSPA/ACS activities, February 2017

This report describes the recent activities, initiatives, and business matters of both the American College of Surgeons Professional Association and of the ACS as of February 2017.

Dr. Shen and Dr. Schmelzle

ACS Traveling Fellow to Germany 2016 reports on his experiences

As the 2016 Traveling Fellow to Germany, Perry Shen, MD, FACS, offers details about his personal and scientific interactions with German colleagues.

Community Surgeons Travel Awards available for 2018

The International Relations Committee of the ACS announces the availability of two 2018 Community Surgeon Travel Awards, which allow surgeons outside the U.S. to participate in the annual ACS Clinical Congress.

ACS International Chapters

International Guest Scholarships available for 2018

The ACS is offering International Guest Scholarships in 2018 to outstanding young surgeons from countries other than the U.S. or Canada who have demonstrated a strong interest in teaching and research.

Applications for 2018 Alliance Scholar Awards accepted through June 30

The Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology Foundation is accepting applications for the 2018 Alliance Scholar Awards.


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