ACS awards six Resident Research Scholars for 2016–2018

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) has awarded six Resident Research Scholarships for 2016–2018. The scholarships, made possible through the ACS Foundation’s Scholarship Endowment Fund, are offered to encourage residents to pursue careers in academic surgery and carry awards of $30,000 for each of two years beginning July 1, 2016.

The recipients of these scholarships, their institutions, and their research projects are as follows:

  • George Z. Li, MD, postgraduate year (PGY)-2, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA, research to be performed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY. Projected specialty: Surgical oncology. Research project: Targeted Therapy against Rb-wild-type Myxofibrosarcoma Using Inhibitors of ETV1 and TORC1/TORC2.
  • David A. Harris, MD, PGY-3, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston. Projected specialty: Minimally invasive surgery, endocrine surgery. Research project: Understanding the Role of Portal Vein Nutrient Sensing in Type 2 Diabetes Remission after Gastric Bypass.
  • Genia Dubrovsky, MD, PGY-2, University of California, Los Angeles. Projected specialty: Pediatric surgery. Research project: Intestinal Lengthening through Distraction Enterogenesis of an Enterostomy.
  • Courtenay Holscher, MD, PGY-3, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. Projected specialty: Transplantation. Research project: Trajectory of Post-Donation Renal Function in Living Kidney Donors.
  • Gregory Martens, MD, PGY-4, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis. Projected specialty: Transplantation. Research project: Overcoming Rejection in Xenotransplantation with Expression of Human Class I MHC: A Strategy to Generate Broadly Acceptable Porcine Organs. Dr. Martens will complete his research at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.
  • Alexander Fisher, MD, PGY-2, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Projected specialty: Surgical oncology. Research project: Implementation of a Patient-Centered Transitional Care Protocol following Complex Abdominal Surgery.


An updated description and requirements for this program will be posted on the ACS Resident Research Scholarships Web page. The application deadline for the 2017 Resident Research Scholarships is September 1, 2016.

This award is supported through the ACS Scholarship Endowment Fund, which was established to provide income to fund scholarships and fellowships awarded by the Board of Regents. Direct contributions to support the Scholarship Endowment Fund are welcome. Fellows wishing to make tax-deductible gifts to this fund should contact the ACS Foundation at 312-202-5338.

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