Disciplinary actions taken

The Board of Regents of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) took the following disciplinary actions at its June 5–6, 2015, meeting in Chicago, IL:

  • A Fellow who is a general surgeon from Beaverton, OR, was censured. This action was taken after the Oregon Medical Board issued a corrective action agreement placing conditions on this surgeon’s license. This action was taken following an investigation related to the surgeon’s preparation for a recertification exam with a specialty board.
  • George D. J. Griffin III, MD, FACS, an orthopaedic surgeon from Cincinnati, OH, had his full Fellowship privileges restored following a period of probation. Dr. Griffin fulfilled the conditions for reinstatement that the ACS Board of Regents imposed on his Fellowship in September of 2012.

Definition of terms

Following are the disciplinary actions that may be imposed for violations of the principles of the College:

  • Admonition: A written notification, warning, or serious rebuke.
  • Censure: A written judgment, condemning the Fellow or Member’s actions as wrong. This is a firm reprimand.
  • Probation: A punitive action for a stated period of time, during which the Member: (a) loses the rights to hold office and to participate as a leader in College programs; (b) retains other privileges and obligations of membership; (c) will be reconsidered by the Central Judiciary Committee periodically and at the end of the stated term.
  • Suspension: A severe punitive action for a period of time, during which the Fellow or Member, according to the membership status: (a) loses the rights to attend and vote at College meetings, to hold office, and to participate as a leader, speaker, or panelist in College programs; (b) is subject to the removal of the Member’s name from the public listing and mailing list of the College; (c) surrenders his or her Fellowship certificate to the College, and no longer explicitly or implicitly claims to be a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons; (d) pays the visitor’s registration fee when attending College programs; (e) is not subject to the payment of annual dues. When the suspension is lifted, the Fellow or Member is returned to full privileges and obligations of Fellowship.
  • Expulsion: The certificate of Fellowship and all other indicia of Fellowship or membership previously issued by the College must be forthwith returned to the College. The surgeon thereafter shall not explicitly or implicitly claim to be a Fellow or Member of the American College of Surgeons and may not participate as a leader, speaker, or panelist in College programs.

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