ACS launches home skills program for complex wound management

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) recently announced the start of a new structured teaching and verification program that uses engaging media and self-assessment checklists to educate surgical patients and their families about delivering self-care for complex wound conditions. Nearly 60 percent of all surgical wounds are managed in the home.* To ensure that patients and their families are comfortable and confident in wound care, the Surgical Patient Education Program of the ACS Division of Education will produce, distribute, and evaluate 4,000 home skills kits over the next two years with support from an educational grant from Smith & Nephew.

“Ninety percent of ACS members who completed a 2014 patient education survey reported needing wound care resources. This program provides instruction in print and digital formats, educational checklists, and home care monitoring guides for surgical professionals to use with their patients. Evaluations from both patients and professionals will identify the best methods for home wound care management,” said Kathleen Heneghan, MSN, RN, CPN, Assistant Director, ACS Patient Education Program. “The standardized training guide and education plan, objectives, and skills verification measures for professionals will also help to consistently implement best practices.”

“There is a well-defined need for evidence-based wound care education designed to improve outcomes and instill best practices,” added Glenn Warner, president of Smith & Nephew’s advanced wound management division. “We welcome the opportunity to support an ACS initiative that engages and empowers patients and their caregivers in achieving these important objectives.”

View the ACS press release regarding the home skills program. For more information about the ACS home skills program, see the related article in this issue.

*Weaver FM, Hughes SL, Almagor O. Comparison of two home health care protocols for total joint replacement. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2003;51(4):523-528.


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