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Note: In the summer of 2014, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) launched an online platform for members of the organization to share their interests and concerns. Nearly a year later, more than 100 ACS Communities are now active. In the coming months, the Bulletin will periodically publish a brief message from the Editor of a community. To begin this series, this article focuses on the ACS Diversity Community.

Customize Your ExperienceFellows of the ACS Diversity Community are thought leaders who are committed to engaging in collaborative discussions informed by their unique experiences and ongoing exposures in diversity with the intent of maximizing our capabilities as surgeon leaders. The members of this community are dedicated to creating a transformative online community by expanding the traditional concepts of diversity beyond gender, religion, race, and ethnicity to include sexual orientation, disability, body shape, and all differences that may be embodied in our families, friends, patients, co-workers, and colleagues.

Build CommunityThe community is engaged in a continuous, reaffirming conversation focused on the value proposition of diversity in all of its forms. A multidisciplinary social media framework including social science, business management, psychology, entertainment, leadership development, and diversity science are used to stimulate conversations. Leadership is a consistent theme that permeates most discussions. The goal of our community is to create value for each Fellow by sharing our perceptions of the human experience, so that our privilege of performing surgery is magnified as we embrace the humanity of each of our patients. Through enhanced awareness and empathy, we seek to inspire quality in both our surgical practices and health care organizations and therefore better position ourselves as surgeon leaders to serve our patients with skill and fidelity.

Join the DiscussionI invite you to join the Diversity Community. Simply log in to ACS Communities, hover over “Communities” on the blue bar, and select “Browse All Communities.” When the list of communities appears, click the green “Join” button next to the Diversity Community.

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