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Surgeons who are committed to pursuing professional excellence as individual surgeons and as members of the surgical community, particularly Associate Fellows of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), are encouraged to apply now for Fellowship in the organization. Applications for initiation at the 2015 Clinical Congress must be submitted by October 31, 2014.

Taking membership to a higher level

The ACS admits to its Fellowship only those surgeons whose professional activity is devoted to surgical practice and who agree without compromise to practice by the professional and ethical standards of the College. The standards of practice established by the College are contained in the Fellowship Pledge and the Statements on Principles posted on the ACS website at All Fellows of the College and applicants for Fellowship are expected to adhere to these standards.

Because Associate Fellowship in the College is limited to a period of six years in order to foster progression to the Fellowship level, the ACS encourages these individuals to apply for Fellowship once they meet the following requirements:

  • Certification by an appropriate American Board of Medical Specialties surgical specialty board, an American osteopathic surgical specialty board, or the Royal College of Surgeons in Canada
  • One year of surgical practice after the completion of all formal training (including fellowships)
  • A current appointment at a primary hospital with no reportable action pending

A full list of the requirements for U.S. and Canadian surgeons is available.

How to apply

Associate Fellows will find the application on the ACS website. You will need your log-in information to access the application. If you do not have your log-in, contact College staff at 800-293-9623 or via e-mail at for assistance.

The application requests basic information regarding licensure, certification, education, and current hospital affiliations. You are also asked to list the names of five Fellows of the College, preferably from your current practice location, to serve as references for your application. You do not need to request letters; just list the names on your application and the College staff will contact your references for you. If you need assistance finding FACS members in your area, you may view a list on the ACS website at (click on the “Find a Surgeon” link at the top of the page).

Surgeons who request and voluntarily submit applications for Fellowship are inviting an evaluation of their practice by their peers. In determining the eligibility of applicants for Fellowship, the College investigates each applicant’s entire surgical practice. Applicants for Fellowship are required to provide to the appointed committees of the College all information deemed necessary for the investigation and evaluation of their surgical practice.

When your application is processed, you will receive an e-mail notification providing more information about the application timetable, along with a request for your surgical summary. The College provides several options for the submission of your surgical summary, including a list generated from the ACS Surgeon Specific Registry.*

U.S. and Canadian applicants will be invited by an ACS committee in their local area to attend a personal interview. Exceptions are made for military applicants. Following the interview, you will receive notification by July 15, 2015, of the action taken on your application. Approved applicants are designated as Initiates to be inducted as Fellows at the Convocation Ceremony.

Feel free to contact the staff at any time throughout the application process. The College looks forward to welcoming you as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

*Applicable to domestic surgeons only.

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