Cruise to South America: The College’s first international outreach effort

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The S.S. Vandyck steaming into the Havana, Cuba, harbor.

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Program for the 1923 cruise.

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The “Neptune Ceremony” on deck.

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On-deck sports—potato races.

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Upon arrival at Buenos Aires.

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Convocation at Buenos Aires.

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Reception committee of surgeons, Montevideo, Urugay.

Slide 8

On deck at Colon, Panama.

Slide 9

Gorgas Ceremony, Panama.

Slide 10

The laying of the cornerstone of the Gorgas Memorial, Panama.

On February 10, 1923, the S.S. Vandyck set sail from New York Harbor for a cruise to Central and South America. Aboard the vessel were several leaders of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), including College Founder Franklin H. Martin, MD, FACS. This voyage represented the culmination of the College’s early efforts to reach out to the international community and expand its influence beyond North America’s borders.

The entire September 1923 issue of the Bulletin recounts this experience, including the laying of the cornerstone of the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Tropical and Preventive Medicine in Panama, participation in the scientific meetings and convocations in South America, and the presentation of educational programs on board the ship. A few surgeons also describe the social activities and other pastimes in which the surgeons engaged during their travels.

Reprinted here, as part of the Bulletin’s Centennial series, are the “Foreword” and “Supplementary Foreword” to the issue by Dr. Martin and Edward I. Salisbury, MD, FACS, respectively. Dr. Martin summarizes events leading up to the cruise in addition to the events that took place during the surgeons’ visit with their East Coast Latin American colleagues. Dr. Salisbury recounts the experience of surgeons who traveled the West Coast.

Cruise participants received a commemorative photo album, from which selections are reprinted.

Download the September 1923 ACS Bulletin, Volume 7 No. 3

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