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Coming next month in JACS and online now: Personal and professional well-being of surgical residents in New England

This news brief highlights a JACS article that examines the well-being of surgical residents in New England.


Access new surgeon and resident well-being resources

The ACS has compiled several resources to support surgeons and residents who are experiencing periods of distress.

Dr. Park

Study shows micro breaks have big benefits

Targeted micro breaks and their positive effect on surgeon and patient safety are described.

Dr. Caropreso

Managing burnout: Seek outside help and foster a true work-life balance

In this article, several of the College’s Fellows describe their own experience with burnout, how they have avoided it, and offer strategies to help counteract its effects.

Governors’ Committee on Physician Competency and Health

Acknowledging the multiple challenges surgeons currently face, the Board of Governors’ Committee on Physician Competency and Health has continued its efforts to both delineate these issues and provide educational programs and support services aimed at promoting physician well-being. This article provides an update on the recent activities of the committee.


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