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The COT's consensus-based approach to firearm injury: An introduction

The COT’s consensus-based approach to firearm injury: An introduction

Describes the ACS COT multilayered approach to reducing firearm-related injury and summarizes the epidemiology of these injuries, including associated costs for U.S. patients.

Figure 1. Timeline for development of a HVIP

Violence intervention programs: A primer for developing a comprehensive program for trauma centers

A primer on developing a sustainable hospital-based violence intervention program, developed by the ACS COT Injury Prevention and Control Committee, is summarized.

Figure 1. Level of priority the ACS should give to reducing gun-related injuries

Survey of the American College of Surgeons Board of Governors on firearm injury prevention: Consensus and opportunities

The results of a survey of ACS Board of Governors are summarized, including viewpoints on potential policies intended to enhance fire injury prevention programs.

Dr. Bonne attended a weekly victim services response meeting with the Wraparound staff, held at the iconic San Francisco City Hall. Staff from various violence intervention initiatives citywide meet weekly to coordinate services offered to victims of violence and their families.

Trauma surgeon uses traveling fellowship to learn about HVIPs

An Organ Traveling Fellowship awardee describes her experiences at a hospital-based violence intervention program and outlines the key role of job training and educational opportunities in the postdischarge phase.


New adult trauma center on Chicago’s South Side will treat violence as a disease

A new adult trauma center in Chicago is a model for centers across the U.S. that treat patients in areas marked by high rates of violence.

Figure 4. hospital discharge status, age ≥65

Guns and the golden years

This month’s column examines the occurrence of patients injured by firearms using information from NTDB research dataset.

Figure 1. hospital discharge status

Deadly rush hour

This month’s column examines the occurrence of highway shootings in the NTDB research dataset for 2014.

Statement on firearm injuries

The following statement was developed by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma and approved by the College’s Board of Regents.


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