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Metabolic surgery: Procedures vary internationally

Figure 13. SG with jejunoileostomy anastomosis

ACS News

ACS and MacLean Center offer fellowships in surgical ethics

The ACS Division of Education and the MacLean Center are offering two fellowships in surgical ethics.

ACS News

ACS and MacLean Center offer fellowships in surgical ethics

The ACS Division of Education and the MacLean Center are offering two fellowships in surgical ethics.

From Residency to Retirement

M&M conferences provide forum for discussion of ethical issues

The authors conducted an observational study to determine the frequency and types of ethical issues that are addressed in a single institution’s M&M conferences.

ACS and MacLean Center offer fellowships in surgical ethics

The ACS Division of Education and the MacLean Center are offering two fellowships in surgical ethics.

Advancing the surgical agenda: AMA House of Delegates

This report summarizes the topics addressed by the College’s delegation at the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates meeting in June.

Seeking equilibrium in decision making: The balance between clinical judgment and patient goals

Potential solutions for resolving an ethical dilemma—disagreement regarding a course of treatment—are addressed in this article as are suggestions for balancing clinical judgment with patient goals.

Transplant in a patient with comorbid psychiatric illness: An ethical dilemma

This article addresses a difficult ethical dilemma that transplant surgeons may encounter—whether a patient with a psychiatric illness is a good candidate for a liver transplant—and discusses possible approaches to this type of case in the absence of national protocols.

Distinguishing QI projects from human subjects research: Ethical and practical considerations

This article helps surgical investigators make the distinction between quality improvement initiatives and human subjects research projects. The authors also provide insights into initial project design and offer guidelines for addressing ethical concerns related to health care research.

Surgeons bring RRT to patients in Guyana

A network of U.S. kidney transplant surgeons and Guyanese health care professionals worked together to develop a program to deliver free renal replacement therapy to Guyanese patients. This article describes the 14 medical missions the authors made to Guyana, with an emphasis on logistics and outcomes of the team’s public-private partnership. This model is now being extended to the CARICOM (Caribbean community), a group of 15 countries in the Caribbean basin.

Letters to the Editor

The following comments were received regarding recent articles published in the Bulletin.

Industry-sponsored clinical trials: The problem of conflicts of interest

This article presents a case study involving an ethical dilemma in which a pharmaceutical company asks a physician to participate in a clinical trial and offers to pay the physician for enrolling patients in the study. The authors explore four options for resolving the dilemma: accept the offer and only reveal details relevant to informed consent, accept the offer and inform patients of the reimbursement arrangement, participate in the clinical trial without accepting reimbursement, and avoid participating in the clinical trial altogether.

Centennial reprint: 1952 Supreme Court decision prompts College action on fee splitting

To help commemorate the American College of Surgeons’ (ACS) 100th anniversary, the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons is reprinting articles centered on the issues and developments that have defined the character and integrity of the organization throughout its history.

This month’s reprint centers on the College’s response to a March 1952 in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the income tax deductions that two North Carolina opticians took for kickbacks to ophthalmologists on eyeglasses sold to their patients were ordinary and necessary expenses.

The Supreme Court’s decision prompted the ACS Board of Regents to study the intricacies of fee-splitting and to periodically issue statements defining and clarifying the College’s views on the matter. The first of these proclamations, “A Statement on Certain Unethical Practices in Surgery,” is reprinted in the May issue of the Bulletin. The statement is preceded by an article describing the court case and the ACS response. These materials were published in the July-August 1952 Bulletin.


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