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David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS

Looking forward – September 2019

The Surgical Metrics Project—a new opportunity available at Clinical Congress 2019 in San Francisco, CA—will allow participants to use wearable technology to measure surgical decision making and technique.

Generations of surgeons: Honoring and modernizing tradition

In this introduction to the annual RAS-ACS issue, the author describes the importance of striking a balance between traditional surgical training and advances in technology and communication.

Technology for teaching: New tools for 21st century surgeons

This article describes how advances in computer technology, video cameras, and smart phones are revolutionizing surgical training and highlights the educational benefits of simulated training and telementoring.

Violet after surgery (photos courtesy of Boston Children’s Hospital)

3-D printing: Revolutionizing preoperative planning, resident training, and the future of surgical care

In this month’s cover story, members of the College describe their experiences with 3-D printing models, identify its benefits and limitations, and consider future applications for this technology.

The “bionic” era: Exploring the use of advanced technology in surgery

Advances such as infrared and fluorophore technology, wearable technology such as Google Glass, and 3-D printing are described in this article.

Surgeons see future applications for Google Glass

This article outlines the potential benefits of Google Glass for both physicians and patients and summarizes concerns related to HIPAA compliance and patient consent.


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