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Generations of surgeons: Honoring and modernizing tradition(Comments Off on Generations of surgeons: Honoring and modernizing tradition)

August 1, 2016

In this introduction to the annual RAS-ACS issue, the author describes the importance of striking a balance between traditional surgical training and advances in technology and communication.

Surgery comes of age: The ACS and the evolution of the surgical profession

The College’s role in the evolution of surgical education and practice is summarized in this article, as is the increasingly visible role of women, minorities, and young surgeons in the ACS.

Talking through time: Trends in communication and the evolving patient-physician relationship

This article describes the effects of technology on patient-physician interactions and illustrates how patient access to medical information affects clinical decision making.

“Pimping”: Time-honored educational tradition or relic of the past?

Pimping as a common pedagogic technique throughout the history of formal medical education is examined in this article, which also describes the pros and cons of this technique and offers suggestions for effectively engaging in pimping.

The ACS and advocacy: A tradition of protecting our patients and advancing our profession

Successful regulatory and legislative efforts led by surgeon advocates, such as the repeal of the sustainable growth rate, are summarized in this article, as are ongoing initiatives to reform graduate medical education to sustain the health care workforce.

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