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The surgical cap: Symbol, science, argument, and evidence(Comments Off on The surgical cap: Symbol, science, argument, and evidence)

October 4, 2017

The surgical cap and its effects on patient safety in the operating room are examined.

Figure 1. The Surgical Staircase

Surgical training, global surgery, and a generally applicable training model

The Surgicon Project and its  global surgical training methodology are examined.

Training and networking opportunities for medical students at the ACS Clinical Congress

Medical students who participated in the Medical Student Program at Clinical Congress 2016 describe the benefits of participating in this opportunity, and a new program for surgeons who are interested in sponsoring a medical student’s participation is introduced.

Principles of leadership for the young surgeon

Effective leadership skills for leading a team and advocating for patients are summarized.


A rural surgeon looks back on his experiences

A rural surgeon highlights the benefits associated with practicing in a non-urban setting, such as surgeon autonomy and the opportunity to deliver care to people who reside in your community.

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